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August 4

COPING WITH COVID-19: Protest and Pastoral Identity

Listen to episode two of Being Church in the Time of COVID, a podcast from the Office of Continuing Education

July 30

COPING WITH COVID-19: A Senior Pastor's Perspective

A Q&A with Rev. Maria Crompton of Elmwood United Presbyterian Church

July 20

Supporting Others as a Spiritual Midwife

Cancer. Mental Illness. Addiction. He Helps People Through Their Darkest Moments From His Wheelchair.

July 6

Along the Snake River in the Pacific Northwest, a Ministry Is Thriving

How one innovative youth ministry program combines fishing and the gospel

June 25

Seeing the Church in a New Light

Katie Helen Hays on connecting with spiritual refugees

June 22

COPING WITH COVID-19: Creating a Safe, Calm Place

Wanda Sevey offers a new self-care strategy to manage anxiety

June 18

An Alternative Ministry Powered by Coffee, Community, and Connection

Mike Baughman on reaching those on the margins of Christianity

June 11

COPING WITH COVID-19: Square Breathing

Wanda Sevey on how square breathing can help manage anxiety and stress

June 8

Going Home, Seeking Change

Faith and theology helping to heal a struggling hometown

June 4

COPING WITH COVID-19: Ensuring Accessibility for the Deaf

A Q&A with Noah Buchholz on interpreting for the governor’s press conferences

May 23

Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

The Princeton Seminary community honors and celebrates the gifts and accomplishments of this year's graduates.

May 20

A Pastor Walks Into a Brewery

One Princeton Seminary alum has a fresh and edgy take on ministry, involving a pint of beer and a healthy pour of community.

May 15

COPING WITH COVID-19: Hospital Chaplaincy

A Q&A with Jonathan Burke on being a chaplain resident during the coronavirus pandemic

May 13

Lifelong Connection

A call to redefine alumni engagement

May 11

COPING WITH COVID-19: Slow, Deep Breathing

Wanda Sevey on how deep breathing can help reduce stress

May 5

Storytelling in Disability Studies

PhD student Kevin Vollrath, MDiv '17, researches disability in Palestine

April 30

Called to Be a Bridge

Born near a bridge that joins two nations, Alexandra Zareth promotes connection at the Presbyterian Mission

April 22

Flipping the Script

The Zoe Project's online storytelling

April 16

A Bold New Theology of the Border

Juan-Daniel Espitia's powerful voice on immigration

April 13

Sharing With Hope

How Princeton Seminary community members are supporting Trenton’s children during the COVID-19 crisis

April 9

RECORDING: Conversations with Faculty on the COVID-19 Crisis

On April 2, Princeton Theological Seminary's Office of Continuing Education hosted a digital panel conversation with Seminary faculty on the COVID-19 crisis.

April 4

Responding to the Refugee Crisis

How one alumna and her congregation are rising to the challenge

April 1

RECORDING: Conversations with Leaders on the COVID-19 Crisis

Princeton Theological Seminary's Office of Continuing Education hosted a digital panel conversation with Christian leaders on the COVID-19 crisis.

March 30

She Found a Powerful Ministry in the Practice of Theology

Cambria Kaltwasser teaches theology and Christian life to undergrads

March 27

Taking Nothing for Granted

Anna Gheen and ADSA, a voice for disabled seminarians

March 26

Worshiping in the Roastery

Brett, MDiv ’19, and Laura Foote on ministry and worship with people with disabilities

March 25

Alum Publishes Editorial in New York Times

What Men Can Learn From Mary, Mother of Jesus

March 5

Walking the Path of the Pastor

Gloria Yi’s global journey to her calling

March 2

More Than a Mission

Erin Raffety's guide to welcoming and including disabled voices in the church

February 21

The 2020 Lenten Devotional and App Available for Download

Everyone is welcome to download Princeton Seminary’s Lenten devotional, which is filled with reflections and stories by members of the Seminary community.

February 13

The Stage as Pulpit

Khristi Adams' performing arts ministry

February 6

A Community Remembers a Homegrown Civil Rights Activist

Casper, Wyoming, honors Rev. James Reeb, BD ‘53

February 4

Field Education Spotlight: Manna Christian Fellowship

Seminary students lead meaningful conversations that foster mutual respect

February 1

A Mission to Help Young People Leads to a Historic, Prominent Church

Field study introduced Barbara Florvil to Alfred Street Baptist Church and her calling

January 27

The Case for Rest

Discovering the gifts of Sabbath

January 24

Field Education Spotlight: Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia

Seminary interns take on a high level of responsibility, planning, and executing projects

January 21

Building Bridges

Ruth Santana-Grace brings people together even in a climate that seeks to divide

January 13

Giving from the Heart

A small community in New York helps build a school in Liberia

December 12, 2019

Out-of-the-Box Ministry

Deanna Morgan’s job is sales – her role is minister

December 5, 2019

Welcoming the Stranger

"What if we read the Bible through the eyes of the immigrant?" - Safwat Marzouk, PhD '12

November 28, 2019

Field Education Spotlight: Mayfield Presbyterian Church

Leveraging the unconventional faith journey

November 19, 2019

Born to Cross Cultures

"We are all foreigners, citizens of God’s country." - Antonin Ficatier

November 14, 2019

An Art Ministry Awakened

Carmelle Beaugelin's call to provide opportunity for artistic expression in Christian spiritual practice and worship

November 11, 2019

2019 New Faculty

Welcoming Heath Carter, Jay-Paul Hinds, and Elaine James

November 8, 2019

Recap: Lecture by Cleve V. Tinsley

Watch or listen to the 2019 Black Church Studies Alumni Lecture

November 6, 2019

Certificate Program Grad Leads Youth Ministry Initiative

Tualatin Presbyterian youth create "Dreamer-sicles"

November 1, 2019

Defying Disruption

One woman's life journey grounded in faith and family

October 26, 2019

Recap: 2019 Women in Ministry Conference

Watch or listen to the 2019 Women in Ministry Conference

October 24, 2019

Redefining Youth Ministry

Sunday school doesn’t cut it for today’s youth, says Professor Kenda Dean

October 22, 2019

The Courage to Talk

A profile of the Rev. Dr. Victor Aloyo, Jr.

October 20, 2019

Recap: Lecture by Jonathan L. Walton

Watch or listen to the 2019 Geddes W. Hanson Lecture

October 4, 2019

Preparing for Missions in Japan

Seminary and international studies clarified Thomas Wong's calling to Japan

September 18, 2019

Travel to India: “Preaching the Gospel in a Global Context”

Students experience culture, history, and religion from an entirely different perspective.

September 2, 2019

Preparing for the Journey—Finding the Right Shoes

Author Sharon Garlough Brown offers spiritual direction in community

August 29, 2019

Faces of Princeton Seminary

Profiles of members of our Christian community

August 27, 2019

Soul Ninja

Author Danielle Shroyer's spiritual blog

August 13, 2019

Spiritual But Without a Spiritual Home

Seminary alumna studies “spiritual but not religious” movement

August 6, 2019

Field Education Spotlight: Trenton Psychiatric Hospital

“Students are a crucial part of our programming.” Chaplain Liaison Rev. Miriam Diephouse-McMillan

July 30, 2019

The Politics of Christian Hospitality

Fighting for religious freedom

July 23, 2019

Field Education Spotlight: Monroe Village

Seminary student interns learn how to minister in a community where different faiths are practiced.

July 16, 2019

Jacqueline Glass Campbell: Being the Change

How one alumna empowers teens to succeed

July 2, 2019

“Liberty Bell” Church Shelters History and the Homeless

Pastor Bob Stevens finds inspiration in his church's historical ties.

June 24, 2019

Fulbright Scholar Andrew Peterson – Photo Gallery

In Germany at the University of Tübingen

June 3, 2019

Field Education: UrbanPromise Trenton

Seminary student interns are “vital educators” for Trenton-area youth.

May 31, 2019

Lydia Tembo's Clarity of Calling in Cape Cod

Field education helped discern her future.

May 24, 2019

Recap: Commencement 2019

View photos and listen to an audio recording of Princeton Theological Seminary's 2019 commencement ceremony.

May 22, 2019

The Divine Deployed

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...” First Amendment, U.S. Constitution

May 20, 2019

Recap: Reunion 2019

Relive Reunion 2019 with photos, videos, and audio highlights!

May 2, 2019

Pastor, Scholar Peláez-Díaz Studies Religion and Migration

Forum for Theological Exploration Doctoral Fellow hopes to change the public perception of immigration.

April 24, 2019

Heath Pearson Awarded Prestigious Newcombe Fellowship

Pearson's dissertation examines the impact of prisons and a militarized police force on a rural South Jersey town.

April 17, 2019

Recap: Women in Church and Ministry Lecture

Princeton Theological Seminary hosted Dr. Traci West to lecture on “Solidarity and Defiant Spirituality: Africana Lessons on Ending Gender Violence”.

April 15, 2019

Navigating Transition

Timothy Sloan | The Thread - Article

April 12, 2019

Contemplation and Reinvigoration

Alumnus Roger Rabey earns a Lilly Endowment grant to support a three-month sabbatical.

April 5, 2019

Let Go of the Brakes

Mark Elsdon | The Thread - Article

April 2, 2019

Inactivity as Spiritual Practice

Wesley Ellis | The Thread - Article

March 21, 2019

Nonfiction Writing Introduces Christian Principles to a Broad Audience

Amy Julia Becker, MDiv '10, writes faith-based narrative nonfiction that digs into the simple and profound.

March 13, 2019

Dr. Frederick Downing MA ’84

Author of Clarence Jordan: A Radical Pilgrimage in Scorn of the Consequences

March 7, 2019

Authenticity in Ashes

Abigail Visco Rusert | The Thread - Article

March 1, 2019

Don't Forget to Oil Your Chain

Mark Elsdon | The Thread - Article

February 26, 2019

Gregory C. Ellison II: 'It's good to see you. Welcome to Fearless Dialogues. Are you ready for change?'

Gregory C. Ellison II, PhD '08, MDiv '02, talks with Faith & Leadership about his nonprofit, Fearless Dialogues.

February 20, 2019

Christianity Today Appoints Timothy Dalrymple as New President and CEO

Christianity Today has elected Timothy Dalrymple, MDiv '02, as president and chief executive officer.

February 9, 2019

Look Ahead to Where You Want to Go

Mark Elsdon | The Thread - Article

January 26, 2019

Heery: It's OK to be faithful failures

Writing for The Citizen, Rev. Patrick David Heery, MDiv ’11, encourages us to remember that even the smallest congregations can make a big difference.

January 24, 2019

Longtime Chaplain Retires After Distinguished Career

After 25 years as a chaplain at Renown Regional Medical Center (Reno), Bob Stover MDiv ’52 has retired.

January 24, 2019

Commentary: What shaped King’s prophetic vision

Writing for the Winston-Salem Chronicle, the Rev. Dr. Kenyatta Gilbert, PhD ’07, MDiv ’99 explores the factors that contributed to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s prophetic vision and legacy.

January 22, 2019

Princeton Seminary Names New Director of Alumni Relations

January 17, 2019

Sirchio named new UCC pastor

Rev. Bryan Sirchio, MDiv ’84, has been named pastor of McFarland United Church of Christ.

January 17, 2019

Senior Pastor of Presbyterian Church to Retire

Rev. Dr. Edward M. Halldorson, DMin ’99, MDiv ’74, has retired after thirty years as head pastor at The Presbyterian Church of Chatham Township.

January 8, 2019

Just Like Riding a Bike

Mark Elsdon | The Thread - Article

January 2, 2019

GATHER: Singing Minister Preaches Freedom

John Francis Maher is a recording music artist and Episcopalian rector who melds his two worlds together to address social ills.

December 27, 2018

Ten myths white people believe about racism

The Rev. Dr. Carolyn B. Helsel, ThM ’10, MDiv ’04 discusses myths that arise or lurk near the surface in white people’s discussions of racism.

December 21, 2018

“If we can’t afford two boxes,” my grandmother said, “we can’t afford one.”

Austin Crenshaw Shelley, current PhD student and ’14 ThM and ’12 MDiv grad writes an advent reflection for The Christian Century.

December 19, 2018

Presbyterian Women moderator states plan for moving forward

Jenny Lee, ’15 MDiv, has been installed as the new moderator for Presbyterian Women Inc.

December 17, 2018

Why Christmas needs Easter

Writing for Faith & Leadership, C. Kavin Rowe, ’99 MDiv, explores the relationship between Christmas and Easter, and the importance of looking at Christmas as a beginning.

December 17, 2018

Revenge of the Alt-Nerds

In an article that explores what it means to be a nerd, Christopher De La Cruz, MDiv '13, encourages readers to be “nerds refined by Jesus Christ” and to “question our internalized misogyny, our temptation toward hate and self-victimhood, and our blinders to racism and hate.”

December 15, 2018

The Case for an Early Christmas

Writing for Christianity Today, Courtney Ellis, MDiv '10, proposes churches blend Advent and Christmas so we can better keep the “sacred complexity of this season” in the forefront of our minds and commemorate the birth of Christ while awaiting his return.

December 12, 2018

The Smallest Thing

Katherine Douglass, ’13 PhD, ’07 MDiv/MA, shares how one small moment acted as a catalyst for putting her faith into action and participating in God’s reconciling work.

December 11, 2018

Deciding what to keep and what to trash

Dave Odom, DMin '97, writes about discerning what’s important to keep in our lives and what can be put aside.

December 5, 2018

Alcántara hopes to make impact on Hispanic churches

Dr. Jared Alcántara, PhD '14, shared in a recent interview with Baptist Standard that he has big plans for adding to the diversity of voices at Truett Theological Seminary.

December 1, 2018

The Rule Breaker

Alumna Farhana Nazir shares the gospel and empowers women in Pakistan.

December 1, 2018

Is it Christmas Yet?

Rev. Patrick David Heery, MDiv '11, writes about not rushing the Advent season in an editorial for The Citizen.

December 1, 2018

A Church Without Walls

Rev. Mandy Sloan McDow has zero need for a church building, not while parishioners are without a place to call home.

November 30, 2018

When Our Church Started Receiving Offerings Through Venmo

Katie Hays ’10 DMin on establishing a Venmo account for her church at the request of a young congregation member.

November 29, 2018

Archdeacon Palacious retires after 42 years

Archdeacon James Palacious, ’82 MA, retired last Friday after 42 years of ministry.

November 28, 2018

Karl Barth on What Makes Us Human

Cambria Kaltwasser, ’17 PhD, ’10 MDiv, explores nuances of Karl Barth’s doctrine of humanity.

November 21, 2018

When children pray

In an article for The Presbyterian Outlook, Tony Lin, ’00 ThM, ’99 MDiv, shares the story of a refugee family he bonded with over prayer.

November 14, 2018

The Loving Work of Welcome: A Biblical Response to Immigrants and Refugees

Kent Annan, MDiv ’99, explores how to be a people of welcome in The Presbyterian Outlook

November 12, 2018

Rev. Dr. Samuel Reeves Lectures on the History and Future of Liberia

October 29, 2018

A Letter in Response to the Synagogue Shootings

October 25, 2018

Matthew McNelly, ’04 MDiv/MA, Combines Christian Practices with Social Enterprise

GoFish! Ministries takes kids out on Washington’s Snake River to share life together and earn money through a state program.

October 20, 2018

Scott Sunquist, '90 PhD, Named President of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Sunquist's presidency will begin in 2019

October 2, 2018

Let Them Question

Brian Russo, ’09 MDiv, explores how encouraging youth to think critically about scripture, theology, and faith may be a way to help them connect with their Christian identities.

September 18, 2018

Anna Carter Florence: "Rehearsing Scripture: Discovering God's Word in Community"

Dr. Anna Carter Florence, PhD '00, MDiv '88, spoke with Faith & Leadership about her new book, Rehearsing Scripture: Discovering God’s Word in Community.

September 12, 2018

Bishop Anoushavan Tanielian, ’85 ThM, Elected Prelate

September 1, 2018

Portrait for a Pioneer

The Seminary community honors Muriel Van Orden Jennings, ’32, its first woman graduate.

August 30, 2018

Reflections from Recent Grads

Seminarians from the Class of 2018 share their journeys to ministry

August 10, 2018

The country is polarized. How can Christians help?

Rev. Allen Hilton, MDiv '89, spoke with Faith & Leadership about his belief that churches can help heal the divide in our nation.

July 26, 2018

A Look at an Alum's Lifelong Commitment to Activism

July 1, 2018

When Your Church is the Last Stand Against ICE

The Kaper-Dales are fighting to shield Indonesian Christians from deportation.

June 15, 2018

Grad Shares His Commitment to Making Church a Welcoming Place for All

2018 graduate JJ Flag shares his story

June 6, 2018

Recent Grad Learned to Combine Social Justice and Theology at PTS

2018 graduate Sheena Rolle shares her story

June 1, 2018

Church Signs

A whole new way to pass the peace

June 1, 2018

Voice lessons

Why women claiming their voice behind the pulpit is essential for the future of the church.

June 1, 2018

Where God is Active

Associate Professor Eric Barreto sees our racial and ethnic differences as divine places.

May 30, 2018

Commencement 2018

Photo gallery, audio, and video of Commencement 2018

May 27, 2018

Reunion Recap 2018

Relive Reunion 2018 with photos, videos, and audio highlights!

May 25, 2018

Retired US Air Force Colonel Accepts Her New Assignment: Embrace Her Calling

2018 graduate Courtney Ducharme shares her story

May 22, 2018

Mary, Mother of God

Matthew Milliner | The Distillery Podcast, Season 2

May 21, 2018

Dreaming in the Dust

May 16, 2018

Andre A. Samuels Reaffirmed His Commitment to Prison Ministry After Field Education Experience

2018 graduate Andre A. Samuels shares his story

May 7, 2018

Grad with “Greatest Promise” Credits Princeton Seminary for New Tools to Lead

2018 graduate Latasha Milton shares her story

May 3, 2018

Alumni Awarded 2018 Guggenheim Fellowships

Jeremy Schipper and Bart D. Ehrman named 2018 Guggenheim Fellows

May 1, 2018

From Law to Theology: One Graduate's 20-Year Path to Ministry

2018 graduate Erik Khoobyarian shares his story

April 10, 2018

The Holy No

Adam Hearlson | The Distillery Podcast - Season 2

April 9, 2018

Ethiopian Community Gathers to Remember and Honor a Patriarch of their Faith

Program and lecture strengthens a connection with one of the fastest growing immigrant communities in the United States

March 29, 2018

Living the Call

Claire Berry, MDiv '17, shares about her journey to PTS and how her seminary experience equipped her for parish ministry

March 23, 2018

Annie Kinkead Warfield Lectures

March 19th – March 22nd, 2018

March 6, 2018

History and Theological Friendship

Nicole Reibe | The Distillery Podcast - Season 2

February 22, 2018

Conversation with Dr. Hanna Reichel

Q&A with Dr. Reichel about what animates her research and teaching

February 13, 2018

Lenten Devotional

Journey with us this Lent using our Lenten devotional website or app, prepared by the PTS community

February 9, 2018

Alumni Co-Pastors Extend Open Arms to Immigrants in Uncertain Times

Stephanie Kaper-Dale MDiv '01 and Seth Kaper-Dale MDiv '01 provide shelter for immigrants facing deportation

February 8, 2018

Learning Ministry in a Hospital Setting

Richard Anthony Anderson MDiv '18 reflects on his experience in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)

February 2, 2018

Lending a Hand in Puerto Rico

Members of the PTS community traveled to San Juan to restore and repair sister school

January 31, 2018

Conversation with Dr. Mary K. Farag

Q&A with Dr. Farag about her research, spiritual practices, and what she hopes for her students

January 25, 2018

Rev. Dr. Matthew Kaemingk MDiv '08 joins the Center for Public Justice as a fellow

Drawing on his research on Christian-Muslim relationships, Kaemingk will advance the Center’s work on principled pluralism

January 24, 2018

Conversation with Dr. Dirk J. Smit

Q&A with Dr. Smit about his work and what motivates his teaching at Princeton Seminary

January 19, 2018

Opening Communion for the Spring Semester

Preacher: Dr. Keri L. Day

January 18, 2018

From Texas to Scotland

Rev. Tara Porr Granados MDiv '15 was ordained and inducted into Ibrox Parish Church in Glasgow

January 15, 2018

Values and Practices of Covenant Community

Read a working draft of our vision for community at Princeton Seminary

January 9, 2018

Bonus: Baseball Caps and Bowties

Gregory Ellison II | The Distillery Podcast - Bonus

January 5, 2018

Engaging the Community

Alan Froggatt MDiv '80 talks about how he ministers outside the walls of the church

January 3, 2018

President Emeritus Iain Torrance Awarded A Knighthood

December 26, 2017

The Gift of Difference

Erin Raffety | The Distillery Podcast - Season 2

December 18, 2017

2017 Princeton Ringers Holiday Handbell Concert

December 15, 2017

Carols of Many Nations Concert 2017

December 5, 2017

Alumna takes on new leadership role in the American Baptist Churches USA

Rev. Marsha Scipio ’12 MDiv announced as the new Associate General Secretary for Missional Initiatives and Partnerships

November 28, 2017

Living the Call

Thomas Rusert ’10 MDiv talks about why he offers “free prayer” in a coffee shop

November 28, 2017

Youth Ministry and Disability

Michael Langford | The Distillery Podcast - Season 1

November 27, 2017

Shamar and Sustainability

A Farminary Photo Essay

November 21, 2017

Helen-Ann Hartley (ThM ’96) announced as the next Bishop of Ripon, in the Anglican Diocese of Leeds

From the other side of the world, Hartley returns to her northern roots

November 17, 2017

Strengthening Global Ties

President Barnes meets with Korean churches and leaders

November 10, 2017

Turning News into Hymns

Rev. Carolyn Winfrey Gillette ’85 MDiv pens hymns in response to current events

November 7, 2017

Truth Telling & Racial History

Princeton University and Princeton Seminary investigate their historic ties to slavery

November 3, 2017

New Program Expands International Exchange and Cooperation

Princeton Seminary signs a new Memorandum of Agreement with Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea

November 2, 2017

500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation Highlights

October 31st - November 1st, 2017

November 1, 2017

Abundant Grace Dinner Church provides safe space for LGBTQ Christians

Mads Benishek ’17 MDiv creates a new worship space that is led by and seeks to serve the LGBTQ+ community

November 1, 2017

Pastor fights to restore rights for tribal nations in New Jersey

Rev. Dr. J.R. Norwood ’89 MDiv serves the community as both a pastor and tribal activist

October 31, 2017

The Numismatic Luther Exhibit

Special display in honor of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation

October 30, 2017

Empowering Children through the Arts

Kimberly Hyatt ’96 MDiv is president and CEO of the Cathedral Arts Program, a charity that serves over 2,000 children annually

October 26, 2017

Justice Barn

Waco attorney Kent McKeever ’04 MDiv expands non-profit that offers low-cost legal services to low-income residents

October 24, 2017

Partnership in the Gospel

President M. Craig Barnes and President Sung Bihn Yim of the Presbyterian University and Theological Seminary, Seoul, South Korea, sign a new Memorandum of Understanding

October 19, 2017

Read The Princeton Seminary Bulletin

The latest issue is now available online, featuring articles by faculty, alumni, and visiting scholars

October 18, 2017

Video: The Rev. Dr. Timothy J. Wengert shares insights on the Protestant Reformation with the journal Lutheran Quarterly

Lutheran Quarterly is edited by Dr. Paul Rorem, Benjamin B. Warfield Professor of Ecclesiastical History at Princeton Seminary

October 17, 2017

What A Leader Looks Like

Janette Ok ’06 MDiv, PhD Candidate describes her formation as a pastor and scholar

October 16, 2017

From Chaplain to Judge

Amy Conner Cornell ’09 MDiv appointed to Indiana's Wabash County Superior Court

October 13, 2017

Ministry and Medicine

Tawainna Houston ’98 MDiv discusses her ministry as a naturopathic physician and the importance of self-care

October 6, 2017

The Center That Can Hold

Read President Barnes' latest column in The Christian Century

October 3, 2017

Saying is Believing

Amanda Drury | The Distillery Podcast - Season 1

October 2, 2017

Christian Martyrdom and Political Violence

Rubén Rosario Rodríguez ’04 PhD discusses his new book

September 28, 2017

Living the Call

Ryan Irmer ’16 MDiv/MA describes his journey from basketball coach and teacher to seminarian and pastor

September 19, 2017

Fearless Dialogues

Gregory Ellison II | The Distillery Podcast - Season 1

September 15, 2017

Theological Education in Prison

Innovative new program links academic study with the struggles of real life

September 14, 2017

Because God Is

Matthew Aragon Bruce ’06 MDiv, ’14 PhD, reflects on his experience “doing” theology with theologian Robert Jenson

September 12, 2017

A Vision for a Different World

Micah D. Kiel ’03 MDiv, ’09 PhD discusses his new book on ecology and the book of Revelation

September 5, 2017

Creating a Safe Space to Build Community, Meet Needs

Sarah Tunall ’14 launches Northwest Neighborhood Community Center, a nonprofit that invites neighbors in Bloomington, Illinois, to use their gifts to meet the needs in the community

September 1, 2017

Alumnus Leads Nonprofit to Prevent Hunger and Homelessness

Keeva Kase ’03 MDiv was named CEO of Buckhead Christian Ministry

August 15, 2017

Women's Voices

Nancy Lammers Gross | The Distillery Podcast - Season 1

August 13, 2017

Faith of Our Mothers, Living Still

Abigail Rian Evans and Katharine Doob Sakenfeld discuss their new book

August 11, 2017

Inspiring Curiosity and Empathy in the Academy

Jason Bruner ’13 PhD helps students critically engage with their own lives

July 31, 2017

Alumnus to Preach for the Royal Family

The Rev. Michael Lindvall ’73 will preach for the Queen of England at Crathie Kirk in Scotland

July 11, 2017

New Lecturer Appointed

Cultural Anthropologist Erin Raffety Appointed to Three-Year Term as Lecturer in Youth, Church, and Culture

July 10, 2017

Alumna to Lead World Communion of Reformed Churches

Najla Kassab ’90 MDiv, a minister in the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon, has been elected president of the WCRC

July 7, 2017

Promoting Peace on the Korean Peninsula

Alumna and former trustee, Rev. Dr. Sang Chang ’77 PhD, met with the new President of the Republic of Korea, Moon Jae-in

July 5, 2017

Living the Call

Hayley Cohen ’16 MDiv describes her experience doing ecumenical ministry in the Holy Land

June 28, 2017

Prepared to Lead

Graduates in the class of 2017 reflect on how Princeton Seminary equipped them for Christian leadership

June 27, 2017

CONVERSATIONS with Craig Barnes, Episode 6

Billy Collins on Poetry

June 20, 2017

Living the Call

Joshua Noah ’15 MDiv talks about the joys and challenges of being the solo pastor of a large congregation

June 20, 2017

CONVERSATIONS with Craig Barnes, Episode 5

Jacqueline Lapsley on Ecology and Scripture

June 13, 2017

CONVERSATIONS with Craig Barnes, Episode 4

Ronald C. White on Religion and Politics

June 7, 2017

What I Didn’t Know

Graduates share the moment that changed everything

June 5, 2017

New Faculty Appointments and Promotions

Princeton Seminary welcomes new faces and celebrates those transitioning to new roles

May 31, 2017

Living the Call

Alison VanBuskirk Philip ’15 MDiv discusses her journey to becoming a solo pastor

May 23, 2017

CONVERSATIONS with Craig Barnes, Episode 2

Kenda Dean on Social Entrepreneurship

May 20, 2017

Commencement 2017

Photo gallery, audio, and video of Commencement 2017

May 18, 2017

Living the Call

Nathan Sell ’15 MDiv describes his calling to serve as chaplain for an all-boys school in Baltimore, Maryland

May 18, 2017

RE:union Recap 2017

Relive reunion with photos, videos, and audio highlights from the week

May 16, 2017

CONVERSATIONS with Craig Barnes, Episode 1

Nate Stucky on Theology and Sustainable Agriculture

May 9, 2017

Living the Call

Tara Porr Granados ’15 MDiv shares the leap of faith that put her on the path to ordination within the Church of Scotland

May 1, 2017

United Lutheran Seminary Names Theresa Latini ’01 MDiv, ’06 PhD as its First President

Latini will lead the unified seminary with campuses in Gettysburg and Philadelphia

April 26, 2017

Living the Call

Brendan Byers ’15 MDiv shares his passion for coalition building and interfaith work

April 14, 2017

Life in the Spirit

Will Robinson ’96 talks about ministry, community action, and shares tips for students

April 5, 2017

PTS Footprint

Alumni show off their new socks

March 30, 2017

Following the Call

Deanna Morgan ’17 MACEF describes her journey from a TV news reporter to a seminarian

March 29, 2017

“Words Matter”

A new study resource by Mary Beth Anton ’89 is available as a free download

March 22, 2017

Update on the 2017 Kuyper Lecture and Prize

President Barnes addresses concerns raised within the Princeton Seminary community

March 17, 2017

Walking and Talking with Troubled Youth

Rev. Darrell Armstrong '99 expands efforts to serve at risk youth in Trenton, NJ

February 24, 2017

Members of the Faculty Author Statement

“In Defense of Christian Faith and a Democratic Future”

February 17, 2017

“Constructive” Theology

Princeton Seminary Class Reads Barth and Builds Houses with Habitat for Humanity

February 14, 2017

The Healing Power of Gratitude

Author Laura Bratton ’10 on Appreciating Daily Graces

February 2, 2017

Alumni Layne and Crawford Brubaker Cultivate a New Worshiping Community

Read about how their New Orleans garden unites work and worship

January 31, 2017

A Pastoral Letter on the Immigration Executive Order

President M. Craig Barnes Addresses the Seminary Community

January 17, 2017

Recruiting the Next Generation of Christian Leaders

Princeton Seminary's recruitment team draws on first-hand experience to reach new students

January 17, 2017

Practicing Pilgrimage

An interview with PTS alumnus Brett Webb-Mitchell about ministry, advocacy, and the pilgrimage of faith

January 1, 2017

Annual Report

Read the 2015–16 Annual Report to Donors

December 20, 2016

The Necessity of Moral Discourse in Public Life

David Brooks speaks at Princeton Theological Seminary

December 14, 2016

Imagining the Future

A Laboratory for Church Leaders

December 5, 2016

When Pastors Learn From Poets

Billy Collins visits Princeton Theological Seminary

November 28, 2016

Faith & Friendship

A group of alumnae reflects on how their friendships, forged at PTS, continue to provide support in life and ministry.

November 22, 2016

PTS Alumnus Walks a Thousand Miles in Luther’s Shoes

An interview with Andrew Wilson about his journey and his new book

November 9, 2016

What Waiting Reveals about our True Selves

Read President Barnes' latest article in The Christian Century

October 3, 2016

Elizabeth Dias ’11 of Time Magazine Selected as 2016 Recipient of the George W. Hunt, S.J., Prize

PTS Alumna writes at the intersection of religion and politics. Watch a video that explores her work.

September 12, 2016

Innovative Ministry in a Growing Town

Fernando Rodriquez Quiñones ’08 brings new possibilities—and peaches—to a Delaware congregation.

August 30, 2016

Using Landscaping as a Form of Ministry

Matt Overton ’06 uses landscaping as a form of ministry targeting Generation Z.

August 25, 2016

Advocating for Refugees

Seth Kaper-Dale ’01 is committed to resettling 50 refugees from Africa and the Middle East this fall.

August 2, 2016

Katharine Doob Sakenfeld Receives Award for Excellence in Theological Education

Recognized as a pioneer in education, Doob Sakenfeld was honored for her contributions to the field.

July 20, 2016

Forging New Economic, Spiritual Paths in San Juan

José González-Colón, MDiv ’07, is blazing new trails in Puerto Rico.

July 11, 2016

PhD Student Receives Prestigious Grant

Grant will allow Alyssa Evans to continue working in Germany with the Karlstadt-Edition team.

July 6, 2016

Life Through Faith

Courtney Clayton Jenkins, MDiv ’08, is the youngest, first female pastor, and the only African American to lead South Euclid United Church of Christ.

July 1, 2016

“Preaching Is One of the Most Important Things We Do as Pastors”

Nancy Hagner, MDiv ’13, Associate Rector of Trinity Church

July 26, 2015

From Top to Bottom

Luke Powery | The Thread - Sermon

Educating faithful Christian leaders.

Associate Rector at Trinity Church, Princeton, New Jersey

Nancy Hagner, Class of 2013

“Preaching is one of the most important things we do as pastors. You get to challenge people’s minds and hearts, as the gospel challenges all of us.”