Princeton Seminary | Recap: Spring 2022 Opening Communion

Recap: Spring 2022 Opening Communion

Watch or listen to Dr. Jay-Paul M. Hinds’ opening communion sermon for the spring 2022 semester

The Princeton Theological Seminary community gathered in the Seminary Chapel on January 31 for the spring 2022 opening communion service. David Chao, director of the Center for Asian American Christianity, and Yedea Walker, director of Student Life programs, presided, and Dr.Jay-Paul M. Hinds, the Seminary's assistant professor of pastoral theology, offered a sermon on Matthew 26: 38-39 titled “The Integrity of Gethsemane.” Hinds reflects on integrity, wholeness, and the human struggle of giving up our will to serve God’s will.

Video and audio recordings of the sermon are available below.



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Danielle Shroyer, Class of 1999

“To be in a community where I got to hear so many different perspectives—that was profound for me. I’m grateful for the curiosity, for the practice of learning that was cultivated for me at Seminary.”