Out-of-the-Box Ministry

Deanna Morgan’s job is sales – her role is minister
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Deanna Morgan, MDiv ’17, has an atypical resume, to say the least. After earning an undergraduate degree in music, she taught music, worked as a newscaster, and held jobs as a bridal stylist, server, and marketing coordinator. Seminary was never on her radar. “I joined the Catholic Church as an adult, and really just loved learning about the Bible,” Morgan says. “Someone suggested that I get a degree in theology. I had never even heard the word theology before, but the Bible came alive when I read it. I was all in.”

Arriving on campus at Princeton Theological Seminary, her goal was simply to learn more about the Bible and form her faith. “I never went into seminary wanting to preach in a church,” Morgan says. “I always felt I could reach more people with ministry outside the church.” But upon graduation, she struggled to find a position that fit. So, she took a job in sales at a software company and, through it all, she found herself ministering. “I never thought about it as ministry, but at every job I’ve ever held, I end up being a sounding board and helping people,” Morgan says. “I become their spiritual guide in a way.”

"It’s not about taking a certain job, it’s about God putting people in my path for certain reasons.”

One instance comes to mind, when a senior leader at her company confessed to her that he doesn’t believe in God. At the time, Morgan didn’t quite know what to say, and later lamented her lack of profound response to her faith group. “They reminded me that I didn’t necessarily need to say anything in that moment; maybe I just needed to listen,” she says. “It was then that I realized it’s not about taking a certain job, it’s about God putting people in my path for certain reasons.”

That’s why, today, Morgan sees herself as on assignment from God, living real-life ministry. She’s willing to go where He wants her to go, and help people along the way. She’s stopped wondering why. And she’s realizing she is always where she’s supposed to be. “I’ve grown so much throughout my winding road of experiences,” she says. “Wherever my next assignment is, I welcome it. We need to embrace the positions we find ourselves in life, because those are the places where we’re really going to touch and help people.”

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