Recruiting the Next Generation of Christian Leaders

Princeton Seminary's recruitment team draws on first-hand experience to reach new students
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Sera Chung ’14, director of recruitment, and Julia Sprague ’16, recruitment associate, travel around the country, meeting with prospective students and sharing their excitement about Princeton Seminary.
“Our mission is to serve the mission of the church,” Chung said. “We are looking for students who are open to all aspects of the seminary journey and are ready to embrace the formation that happens at Princeton Seminary.”

As they travel the country, the recruitment team is highlighting what’s distinctive about Princeton Seminary—the academic excellence, field education program, diverse community, and financial aid program. As alumnae Chung and Sprague have a unique perspective to share. They can tell prospective students from first-hand experience what they valued most about Princeton Seminary—the exposure to diverse worship styles, the benefits of living on campus, and the network of friends and mentors that lasts well beyond graduation.

The team is excited about using the Seminary’s newly designed website to support recruitment efforts, implementing social media campaigns, deepening relationships with alumni, and having a strong presence at seminary fairs, as well as the Seminary’s continuing education and prospective student events.

“In addition to recruiting students for parish ministry, we are also targeting students who come from different trajectories of life and are pursuing nontraditional forms of ministry, but could very much excel and be a good fit at Princeton Seminary,” Chung said.

Sprague added, “We prepare Christian leaders for traditional and new forms of ministry by teaching them to think critically and to communicate what they believe.”

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Alumni at universities and theological schools as well as those in churches and diverse ministry settings play a critical role in the recruitment process. “Alumni are by far the best recruiters of new students and are vital to Princeton Seminary’s future,” Chung said. Sprague added, “We wouldn’t have students without our alumni. They encourage prospective students to pursue a theological education and become Christian leaders.”

Chung and Sprague understand the journey that is ministry, and see their work recruiting Christian leaders as their calling. “Walking alongside students on their journeys, listening to their call stories, and providing pastoral care—that is ministry,” Sprague said.

Educating faithful Christian leaders.

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Lindsay Clark, Class of 2018

“Trenton Psych was a fantastic place to work and learn, a seminal part of my Seminary experience and the most important thing I did at Princeton.”