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My favorite class has been Intro to Old Testament and Exegesis, a class that is required of all first years. I've heard nothing but good things about Dr. Lapsley from former Princeton Theological Seminary students who were in her classes decades ago, and the stories of Dr. Lapsley's brilliance are true! I loved how she was able to teach Old Testament in a way that was both academically rigorous, yet incredibly pastoral and personal. Dr. Lapsley did a great job of blending her scholarship with her heart to guide students in a pastoral way, and it certainly was made clear throughout the class.

What I enjoy most about the Princeton Seminary experience is the community that is built between the students and faculty. I have had faculty like Kenda Dean and Hanna Reichel, who are very dedicated and helpful to every student, which is very much appreciated! Princeton Seminary has challenged me to spend more time close reading the Bible.”

One can be a Christian anywhere, one can even read theologians or books on church history anywhere or at any time of life, but to be here surrounded by dedicated students and brilliant professors is simply a gem of a life season to be in. What I enjoy most about my Princeton Seminary experience is the honor and pleasure of being surrounded by and pushed to grow and share with such high-quality Christian people. The opportunity to learn and challenge and be challenged in my faith is just brilliant.

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Danielle Shroyer, Class of 1999

“To be in a community where I got to hear so many different perspectives—that was profound for me. I’m grateful for the curiosity, for the practice of learning that was cultivated for me at Seminary.”