The 2022 Lenten Devotional Available for Download


Everyone is welcome to view Princeton Theological Seminary’s 2022 Lenten Devotional, which is filled with reflections and stories by members of the Seminary community. This year's theme is the importance of places in our spiritual lives.

For 40 days, the community will reflect on select passages together, as well as poetry, artwork, and weekly spiritual practices created by Seminary community members. Michael Cuppett, MDiv/MACEF student, served as this year's Lenten Devotional coordinator and Hanna Watson, MDiv student, served as co-coordinator and contributing poet. Brooke Foster, MDiv candidate, edited the 2022 Lenten Devotional and Brendan Finch, MDiv student, also contributed poetry. Rev. Jan Ammon served as the Lenten Devotional supervisor.

To join the Seminary on this journey, read the devotional online.

View the Devotional Online

Spiritual Practices for Reflection and Embodiment

This year's Lenten Devotional includes spiritual practices for reflection and embodiment. You will be invited to participate in a spiritual practice every week. As we move along the Lenten journey, you are invited to use these practices to return to your body, sense of place, and the world around you.

    March 12, 2022

    March 24, 2022

    April 9, 2022


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