Recap: Spring Choral Concert

Watch A Spring Choral Bouquet in Honor of Jan Ammon

On the evening of April 24th, the Princeton Seminary Chapel Choir honored Rev. Janice Smith Ammon and her fifteen years as the Bryant M. Kirkland Minister of the Chapel. The concert began with an “Easter Praise” and then moved into a special selection honoring Rev. Ammon’s ministry and her forthcoming retirement. Music was selected and one piece was arranged specifically for Rev. Ammon within the sections of “Memories,” “Thank You,” and “God Bless You,” along with readings from Chapel Office and Student Life staff. With each section, Rev. Ammon was gifted a book of stories and notes from students, alumni, faculty and staff.

Click below to watch or listen to this beautiful choral concert.


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Nancy Hagner, Class of 2013

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