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January 3

Welcoming President Jonathan Lee Walton to Princeton Seminary

Join us in welcoming President Jonathan Lee Walton to the Princeton Seminary community!

December 27, 2022

Professor Richard Fox Young Retires

Young, who helped shape a generation of world Christianity thinkers and teachers, plans to focus on his own research pursuits in retirement.

December 12, 2022

The Power of Giving: the Class of 1970's Endowed Gift

Rather than purchase commencement robes, members of the class established an endowed fund. Story based on interviews with three alums (Brewster Gere, James McCormack, and Stanley Wood).

October 27, 2022

New Arts Initiative Designed to Open Arms to Community, Area Artists, Arts Lovers

Inaugural exhibit features world-renowned artist Makoto Fujimura

August 29, 2022

Deacon Program Offers a Ministry Sandbox

Students provide pastoral care and community-building for their on-campus neighbors

July 19, 2022

Addressing Theological Questions and Concerns of Importance to the Black Church

Rev. Dr. David Latimore reflects on his first year of service as director of the Betsey Stockton Center and shares his vision for the future

May 3, 2022

Celebrating the Overseas Ministries Study Center’s Centenary Anniversary

With a focus on scholarship and research, OMSC amplifies the voices of the global church

April 1, 2022

Donald Trump, John Wayne, and Jesus

The Distillery Season Six

March 25, 2022

Navigating Uncertainty with Young People

The Distillery Season Six

March 18, 2022

Journeying with a Death Doula

The Distillery Season Six

March 11, 2022

Theology and Mental Health

The Distillery Season Six

March 4, 2022

Money and Mission

The Distillery Season Six

February 24, 2022

The 2022 Lenten Devotional Available for Download

Everyone is welcome to view Princeton Seminary’s Lenten devotional, which is filled with reflections and stories by members of the Seminary community.

November 24, 2021

Recap: Asian American Theology and Ministry Colloquium

Watch Rev. Dr. Al Tizon's talk, "Identity Crisis: My Missionary Journey as a Filipino-American in Postcolonial Philippines"

October 7, 2021

Recap: Asian American Theology and Ministry Colloquium

Watch Rev. Dr. Mia Chang's talk, "Cultivating a Multicultural Community"

October 1, 2021

Walking Alongside Our Neighbors

Princeton Seminary’s Urban Ministry Initiatives Cabinet aims to foster lasting community engagement in Trenton

September 24, 2021

Joel Estes Comes Full Circle as Director of Admissions

Estes finds joy in helping applicants discern whether seminary is right for them

July 28, 2021

Antiracism Formation Is Essential to Christian Leadership

New initiative seeks to promote antiracism as a daily practice

June 30, 2021

Planting the Seeds for Covenant Community

Newly expanded community garden a place to engage with theology and the land

April 28, 2021

Community Building with Student Life Resident Daniel Heath

In a season of social distancing, Daniel Heath brings a joyful, creative spirit to community engagement

February 12, 2021

The 2021 Lenten Devotional Available for Download

Everyone is welcome to view Princeton Seminary’s Lenten devotional, which is filled with reflections and stories by members of the Seminary community.

January 27, 2021

Musical Ministry

How one pastor bridges a cultural divide with the power of song

January 7, 2021

The Vision of the Constitution

January 5, 2021

Princeton Seminary Alumna and Board of Trustee Member Appointed House Chaplain

Rear Admiral Margaret Grun Kibben is the first woman to serve as Chaplain in either chamber of Congress

November 9, 2020

COPING WITH COVID-19: Practicing Self Compassion

Wanda Sevey on reclaiming a place of safety through God's presence

November 2, 2020

David Chao Appointed Director of Asian American Program

Through the program, Chao seeks to expand and enrich the conversation about Asian American theology and ministry

October 23, 2020

Donors Help Students Navigate the Pandemic

Incredible generosity is helping ease Princeton Seminary students’ hardships

October 13, 2020

COPING WITH COVID-19: Letting Go of Painful Emotion

Wanda Sevey on using The Sedona Method to release negative emotion

October 8, 2020

Remembering Freda Gardner

The Seminary’s first permanent female faculty member, Gardner broke down barriers

October 5, 2020

Remembering Patrick Miller

A renowned biblical scholar, Miller taught generations of students

September 10, 2020

COPING WITH COVID-19: Contemplative Practice and Mindfulness

Sarah Yang Mumma shares practices to support emotional healing and health

September 9, 2020

An Update from the Antiracism Task Force

September 3, 2020

Students Share: Why Seminary?

Princeton Seminary students reflect on their reasons for attending seminary

August 13, 2020

COPING WITH COVID-19: Dealing With Grief and Loss

Rev. Dr. Melinda Contreras-Byrd reflects on grieving in the time of COVID-19

July 30, 2020

COPING WITH COVID-19: A Senior Pastor's Perspective

A Q&A with Rev. Maria Crompton of Elmwood United Presbyterian Church

July 28, 2020

Being Church in the Time of COVID

Listen to a new podcast from the Office of Continuing Education

July 20, 2020

Supporting Others as a Spiritual Midwife

Cancer. Mental Illness. Addiction. He helps people through their darkest moments from his wheelchair.

July 16, 2020

COPING WITH COVID-19: Racial Trauma

Ryan McMillian shares tools for recognizing and coping with racial trauma

July 13, 2020

Princeton Seminary Files Amicus Brief

July 9, 2020

Our Commitment to International Students

July 6, 2020

Along the Snake River in the Pacific Northwest, a Ministry Is Thriving

How one innovative youth ministry program combines fishing and the gospel

June 29, 2020

COPING WITH COVID-19: The Importance of Routines

Julie Collins on creating new routines in unusual circumstances

June 23, 2020

A Call for Moral Leadership

Six divinity school deans and seminary presidents release a joint statement on the state of our national leadership

June 22, 2020

COPING WITH COVID-19: Creating a Safe, Calm Place

Wanda Sevey offers a new self-care strategy to manage anxiety

June 15, 2020

Doing Justice

President Barnes outlines actions the Seminary is taking to build a more just way of life together under God.

June 11, 2020

COPING WITH COVID-19: Square Breathing

Wanda Sevey on how square breathing can help manage anxiety and stress

June 8, 2020

Going Home, Seeking Change

Faith and theology helping to heal a struggling hometown

June 4, 2020

COPING WITH COVID-19: Ensuring Accessibility for the Deaf

A Q&A with Noah Buchholz on interpreting for the governor’s press conferences

May 26, 2020

COPING WITH COVID-19: The Importance of Saying Goodbye

Maggie Furniss shares methods to gain closure in a season of change

May 23, 2020

Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

The Princeton Seminary community honors and celebrates the gifts and accomplishments of this year's graduates.

May 13, 2020

Lifelong Connection

A call to redefine alumni engagement

May 11, 2020

COPING WITH COVID-19: Slow, Deep Breathing

Wanda Sevey on how deep breathing can help reduce stress

May 7, 2020

PhD Candidate on Home, Identity, and Community

Nigerian scholar explores the roles of African women in church and society

April 28, 2020

One Goal, Many Voices

Reflections from Princeton Seminary's Puerto Rico solidarity team

April 22, 2020

Weekly Remarks on COVID-19 from President M. Craig Barnes

April 20, 2020

Lessons From a Sleepy Northern Irish Village

Field ed took Ryan Pearce out of his comfort zone

April 16, 2020

A Bold New Theology of the Border

Juan-Daniel Espitia's powerful voice on immigration

April 13, 2020

Sharing With Hope

How Princeton Seminary community members are supporting Trenton’s children during the COVID-19 crisis

April 3, 2020

From Humility to Humility | The Spirituality of Quarantine

How do we best fulfill our mission to be Christ’s “witnesses to the ends of the earth” by cloistering ourselves at home?

March 27, 2020

Taking Nothing for Granted

Anna Gheen and ADSA, a voice for disabled seminarians

March 13, 2020

Social Distancing and the Love of Neighbor

A theological perspective on taking proactive measures to combat a public health crisis

March 9, 2020

Hospitality in Ghana and Princeton

Welcoming Seminary Community Reminds Student of Home

March 2, 2020

More Than a Mission

Erin Raffety's guide to welcoming and including disabled voices in the church

February 21, 2020

The 2020 Lenten Devotional and App Available for Download

Everyone is welcome to download Princeton Seminary’s Lenten devotional, which is filled with reflections and stories by members of the Seminary community.

February 13, 2020

The Stage as Pulpit

Khristi Adams' performing arts ministry

February 6, 2020

A Community Remembers a Homegrown Civil Rights Activist

Casper, Wyoming, honors Rev. James Reeb, BD ‘53

February 4, 2020

Field Education Spotlight: Manna Christian Fellowship

Seminary students lead meaningful conversations that foster mutual respect

February 1, 2020

A Mission to Help Young People Leads to a Historic, Prominent Church

Field study introduced Barbara Florvil to Alfred Street Baptist Church and her calling

January 27, 2020

The Case for Rest

Discovering the gifts of Sabbath

January 24, 2020

Field Education Spotlight: Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia

Seminary interns take on a high level of responsibility, planning, and executing projects

January 21, 2020

Building Bridges

Ruth Santana-Grace brings people together even in a climate that seeks to divide

January 13, 2020

Giving from the Heart

A small community in New York helps build a school in Liberia

December 12, 2019

Out-of-the-Box Ministry

Deanna Morgan’s job is sales – her role is minister

December 9, 2019

Field Education Spotlight: Pace Center for Civic Engagement

Seminary students partner with Princeton University students in community service and civic engagement

December 5, 2019

Welcoming the Stranger

"What if we read the Bible through the eyes of the immigrant?" - Safwat Marzouk, PhD '12

December 3, 2019

Moving Toward Peace and a Reunified Korea

ThM student Jieun Yoon focuses on peacemaking

November 28, 2019

Field Education Spotlight: Mayfield Presbyterian Church

Leveraging the unconventional faith journey

November 21, 2019

The Intersection of Science and Faith

Margarita Mooney’s classes apply theological knowledge to practical issues

November 19, 2019

Born to Cross Cultures

"We are all foreigners, citizens of God’s country." - Antonin Ficatier

November 14, 2019

An Art Ministry Awakened

Carmelle Beaugelin's call to provide opportunity for artistic expression in Christian spiritual practice and worship

November 6, 2019

Campus Construction and Traffic Updates

Princeton Seminary begins to upgrade facilities to create a deeply formative residential experience while maintaining its commitment to historic preservation.

October 24, 2019

Redefining Youth Ministry

Sunday school doesn’t cut it for today’s youth, says Professor Kenda Dean

October 12, 2019

Recap: "Backs Against the Wall" Panel Discussion

Listen to the panel discussion on the documentary "Backs Against the Wall: The Howard Thurman Story"

October 8, 2019

Professor Connects Art and Theology

Reaching out through public art

September 30, 2019

Grounding Faith

Seminary students and Princeton University undergrads explore how faith relates to the land and those who work it

September 26, 2019

Field Education Spotlight: Center for Public Justice

A Christian think tank's tools for respectful discussion

September 24, 2019

Being Woke

Karen Hernandez-Granzen’s intercultural urban ministry

September 20, 2019

Field Education Spotlight: Ann Klein Forensic Center

Seminary interns provide patients with spiritual resources.

September 2, 2019

Preparing for the Journey—Finding the Right Shoes

Author Sharon Garlough Brown offers spiritual direction in community

August 27, 2019

Soul Ninja

Author Danielle Shroyer's spiritual blog

August 20, 2019

Field Education Spotlight: Christina Seix Academy

Students bring skill, passion, and compassion to an innovative urban Pre K-8 school

August 15, 2019

Faith in Practice

Reflections on how field education shapes students for ministry

July 30, 2019

The Politics of Christian Hospitality

Fighting for religious freedom

July 16, 2019

Jacqueline Glass Campbell: Being the Change

How one alumna empowers teens to succeed

July 9, 2019

Field Ed in "God's Country"

A photo gallery from Northern Ireland by Ryan Pearce

July 2, 2019

“Liberty Bell” Church Shelters History and the Homeless

Pastor Bob Stevens finds inspiration in his church's historical ties.

June 7, 2019

Field Education Spotlight: Center for Public Justice

A 20-year partnership with this nonpartisan Christian think tank

May 28, 2019

N.Y. State Council of Churches Honors Seminary MDiv Candidate

Zachary Pearce Receives Excellence in Ecumenism Award

April 30, 2019

Anam Cara Program Creates Spiritual and Practical Friendships

Returning students find fellowship while helping new students transition to campus life.

April 19, 2019

Field Education Spotlight: NAMI Mercer

Seminary interns bring hope to an organization that serves people affected by mental illness.

April 15, 2019

Pastoral Resident Creates a Campus Community

Yedea H. Walker makes the CRW apartments -- and campus at large -- feel a little more like home

April 1, 2019

Travel Course to South Africa Reinforces Community

The 14-day travel course to South Africa took students on an academic, theological, and cultural journey.

March 28, 2019

A Student Reflects on His Field Education in Prison Ministry

Jonathan Burke’s interest in prison ministry began with a PTS course that addressed both trauma studies and one-on-one counseling.

March 21, 2019

Nonfiction Writing Introduces Christian Principles to a Broad Audience

Amy Julia Becker, MDiv '10, writes faith-based narrative nonfiction that digs into the simple and profound.

December 19, 2018

Presbyterian Women moderator states plan for moving forward

Jenny Lee, ’15 MDiv, has been installed as the new moderator for Presbyterian Women Inc.

December 1, 2018

GATHER: Setting the Stage for Food, Fellowship

VIDEO: From the food preparation to the last morsel of each meal, the people of Princeton Seminary are in community at Mackay dining hall.

December 1, 2018

A Church Without Walls

Rev. Mandy Sloan McDow has zero need for a church building, not while parishioners are without a place to call home.

November 29, 2018

Is Food Waste a Religious Issue?

Nate Stucky, director of The Farminary Project, is featured in a new article exploring the subject of food waste as a religious issue.

October 25, 2018

Matthew McNelly, ’04 MDiv/MA, Combines Christian Practices with Social Enterprise

GoFish! Ministries takes kids out on Washington’s Snake River to share life together and earn money through a state program.

September 18, 2018

Anna Carter Florence: "Rehearsing Scripture: Discovering God's Word in Community"

Dr. Anna Carter Florence, PhD '00, MDiv '88, spoke with Faith & Leadership about her new book, Rehearsing Scripture: Discovering God’s Word in Community.

July 26, 2018

A Look at an Alum's Lifelong Commitment to Activism

July 23, 2018

Faith and Hope in the Storms' Aftermath

Seminaries in Puerto Rico rise up and rebuild

July 1, 2018

When Your Church is the Last Stand Against ICE

The Kaper-Dales are fighting to shield Indonesian Christians from deportation.

June 1, 2018

A Vision for Covenant Community

Sharing life together changes the experience of everyone in our Seminary community.

February 9, 2018

Alumni Co-Pastors Extend Open Arms to Immigrants in Uncertain Times

Stephanie Kaper-Dale MDiv '01 and Seth Kaper-Dale MDiv '01 provide shelter for immigrants facing deportation

January 15, 2018

Values and Practices of Covenant Community

Read a working draft of our vision for community at Princeton Seminary

January 5, 2018

Engaging the Community

Alan Froggatt MDiv '80 talks about how he ministers outside the walls of the church

October 18, 2017

Faith on the Farm

The Farminary integrates theological education with small-scale agriculture

Educating faithful Christian leaders.

Pastor at Grace Presbyterian Church, Crystal City, Missouri

Joshua Noah, Class of 2015

“Through my field education placement at Trinity Presbyterian Church in East Brunswick, New Jersey, I discovered my gift to minister to all age groups.”