Regional Auditing Program


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all continuing education programs have been suspended until further notice. Please check back for updates

Area pastors, church leaders, and community members 18 years and older are welcome to audit select Seminary courses on a noncredit basis. Registration, through The Office of Continuing Education, is required and there is a fee of $175 per course with a limit of one course per person per semester.

Auditors will sit in on course lectures but should not expect to participate in class discussion, attend precepts, or have work evaluated by professors. All communication about courses should be directed to the Office of Continuing Education. No credit or certification is given for audited courses. However, pastors and church professionals may request verification of continuing education units (CEUs), at the conclusion of the semester, from the Office of Continuing Education.

Course Offerings

NT 2101 Introduction to the New Testament

Dr. Dale C. Allison
Dr. George L. Parsenios

This course will provide an introduction to the New Testament by (1) developing a basic knowledge of the New Testament writings with respect to their literary and theological characteristics, (2) providing insight into the cultural and religious matrix of early Christianity, (3) introducing the academic study of the New Testament and the art and methods of exegesis. A consistent concern throughout will be the integration of exegesis, theology, and life in Christ.

CH 1130 Survey of Christianity Since the Reformation

Dr. Heath Carter
Dr. James C. Deming

Survey of major trends and movements, including the planting of Christianity in the Americas, the evangelical awakenings, the Enlightenment, the impact of political revolutions, Christianity and changing gender roles, African American Christianity, the modern missionary movement and ecumenism, the emergence of theological liberalism and biblical criticism, the fundamentalist controversy, the rise of Pentecostalism, the changing place of Christianity in European and American societies in the 20th century, and the re-centering of world Christianity to the global south in the 21st century.

CH 3221 St. Augustine, His Confessions, and His Influence

Dr. Paul Rorem

The life and thought of St. Augustine of Hippo, with special attention to his Confessions. Influential theological themes of Augustine's overall work will be traced through the Middle Ages and Renaissance into the 16th century Reformation. Lectures, small group discussions of the books of the Confessions, examination, and research paper.

TH 2100 Systematic Theology

Dr. Hanna Reichel
Dr. Dirk J. Smit

A foundational course covering the major Christian doctrines from revelation to eschatology, emphasizing their biblical basis, evangelical focus, ecclesial context, Trinitarian scope, and contemporary significance for Christian life and ministry.

WR 3129 B The Psalms in Christian Worship

Martin Tel

An exploration of the use of the Psalms in Christian worship. Consideration will be given to liturgical practices of the early church and the Reformation traditions and to the influences of the liturgical renewal movement, as well as to emerging developments in contemporary worship practices. Auditors may also participate in a series of practica on the musical performance of the Psalter with discussion of the experience of singing and journaling through the Psalms.


Registration requires two steps.

1. Register and pay the required fee ($175) online.

2. Call the Office of Continuing Education to schedule a time to pick up any information for your course and a parking pass. Phone number and office hours are in the email confirmation of your online registration.

Available space in each course is limited and varies course by course.

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