Hanna Reichel

Associate Professor of Reformed Theology

Hanna Reichel
Religion & Society
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Hanna Reichel is associate professor of reformed theology at Princeton Theological Seminary. Reichel earned their Dr. theol. (~ PhD) in systematic theology from Heidelberg University, Germany, after an MDiv in theology and a B.Sc. in economics. Prior to coming to Princeton Theological Seminary, they have taught at Heidelberg University and Halle-Wittenberg University. Reichel’s first book Theologie als Bekenntnis: Karl Barths kontextuelle Lektüre des Heidelberger Katechismus received the Lautenschläger Award for Theological Promise and the Ernst Wolf Award.

Reichel’s research interests include theological method, epistemic justice, political theology, digital theology, and queer theology. Their teaching ranges across doctrinal loci (doctrine of God, Christology, eschatology) and from postcolonial and feminist epistemologies to political theology.

Reichel is co-editor of Routledge’s Karl Barth Studies series, chair of Princeton Seminary’s Center for Barth Studies Advisory Board, and a member of the steering committees of the International Karl Barth Conference (Leuenberg, CH), AAR’s Reformed History and Theology unit as well as the Gesellschaft für Evangelische Theologie. Reichel is also founding co-editor of the OAJ Cursor_ Zeitschrift fuer explorative Theologie and interested in the development of a distributed, or: citizen theology.

Reichel is currently working on two book projects. Political Theologies of Omniscience analyzes contemporary surveillance cultures through a doctrinal lens, developing a typology of disciplining, performing, controlling, and replicating surveillance in conversation with debates on divine omniscience relating to eschatology, election, providence, and creation. Better Theology! Conceptual Design and the Affordances of Doctrine re-envisions theological work “after method,” drawing on Karl Barth and Marcella Althaus-Reid, queer and postcolonial critiques, and advancing a proposal built on design theory and philosophy of information.

Select Publications

  • The Other Question between Projection, Colonial Imagination, and Liberation, in: Karl Barth and the Future of Liberation Theology, eds. Paul D. Jones and Kaitlyn Dugan, London: T&T Clark (forthcoming).
  • Conceptual Design, Sin and the Affordances of Doctrine, in: IJST 22/4 (2020), 538–561.
  • Toward a Distributed Theology: Citizen Science, the Body of Christ, and Testimonial Epistemology, in: Ecumenical Review 72/2 (2020), 223–241 (co-authored with Thomas Renkert and Benedikt Friedrich).
  • Barth on the Church in Mission, in: Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Karl Barth, ed. George Hunsinger and Keith Johnson, Wiley-Blackwell: Hoboken, NJ, 2020, 327–340.
  • Worldmaking knowledge: What the doctrine of omniscience can help us understand about digitization, in: Cursor_ Zeitschrift fuer explorative Theologie 3 (2019).
  • Citizen Theology: Eine Exploration zwischen Digitalisierung und theologischer Epistemologie, in: Digitaler Strukturwandel der Gesellschaft, ed. Florian Höhne and Jonas Bedford-Strohm, Baden-Baden: Nomos, 2019, 175-192 (co-authored with Thomas Renkert and Benedikt Friedrich).
  • with Laura-Christin Krannich and Dirk Evers (eds.): Menschenbilder und Gottesbilder. Geschlecht in theologischer Reflexion, Leipzig: EVA, 2019.
  • Pia Conspiratio zur Befreiung Gottes: Von Calvins reformatorischer Bilderkritik zur queeren Verunanstaendigung der Gottesvorstellung, in: Menschenbilder und Gottesbilder. Geschlecht in theologischer Reflexion, ed. Laura-Christin Krannich, Hanna Reichel, and Dirk Evers, Leipzig: EVA, 2019.
  • “Wiederholung des hohen Paradoxons.” Entwurf einer Zwei-Naturen-Skriptologie in Anschluss an Karl Barth, in: ZDTh32 (2016), 50-64.
  • Transparenz, Öffentlichkeit und Zivilgesellschaft. Die globale Überwachungsgesellschaft im 21. Jahrhundert, in: Zeitschrift für Evangelische Ethik 60 (2016), 102-116.
  • Theologie als Bekenntnis. Karl Barths kontextuelle Lektüre des Heidelberger Katechismus (FSÖTh 149), Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht 2015.

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