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Jess Winderweedle

PhD Candidate | Practical Theology (Homiletics)

Jess Winderweedle
Practical Theology
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Jess Winderweedle (she/her) is a PhD candidate in Practical Theology (Homiletics). She holds an MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary as well as a Bachelor of Musical Arts from Oklahoma Baptist University. Jess’s current research centers on the experiences of LGBTQIA+ preachers in Mainline Protestant traditions as well as the performative impact of queer presence in the Mainline pulpit. Her work seeks to put these matters into conversation with the theology of Marcella Althaus-Reid and the theoretical work of José Esteban Muñoz toward the development of a queer-informed homiletical pedagogy.

Jess is also an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church. Her time in ministry has included experience as a youth minister, church musician, lead pastor, and the founder of The Feed Truck, a mobile outreach ministry. As a practitioner and practical theologian, Jess’s broader intellectual interests include social innovation in the church, organizational theory, and theologies of work.

Educating faithful Christian leaders.

Associate Pastor, Faith Lutheran Church, Bismarck, ND

Sylvia Bull, Class of 2015

“My field education placements lifted up my gifts for ordained ministry, and the dual-degree program helped me develop the skills for ministry.”