Eric Tuttle

PhD Student | Theology (Systematic Theology)

Eric Tuttle

Eric Tuttle (he/him/his), MDiv 19’, is a PhD student in Systematic Theology. He holds an MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary, an MA in ministry from The General Theological Seminary, and a BA in history from Colorado Christian University. His research focuses on the political and ethical dimensions implicit in how we understand God. In particular, he is working to formulate a doctrine of eternity that fosters our temporal and finite commitments and centers experience and everyday language in theological discourse. He is also interested in the theology of G.W.F. Hegel, political theologies, liberation theologies, theologies of the digital, religious atheism, and rituals.

Academia.edu: https://ptsem.academia.edu/EricTuttle

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Special Advisor & Founding Director, IJM Institute

Bethany Hoang, Class of 2004

“The rooting of justice in our spiritual formation in Christ requires careful thought and teaching. I was equipped to lead in this way through my time at PTS.”