Chapel Highlights

Sermons from the spiritual heart of Princeton Theological Seminary

Planning a Worship Service

Princeton Seminary holds about 120 chapel services in an academic year. See the “behind-the-scenes” collaboration that takes place to foster daily worship.

Selected Sermons from Miller Chapel

Whether you're interested in listening to the opening communion service from fall 2018, one of last year's beautiful musical concerts, or a homily from a conference, these recordings from Miller Chapel have much to teach us.

Visit our SoundCloud channel now for additional recordings from the 2019 Princeton Forum on Youth Ministry, Reunion 2019, The Joe R. Engle Institute of Preaching, and the Log College Project Design Lab.

President Barnes' Sermons

"One of my greatest joys of ministry as president of Princeton Theological Seminary is preaching nearly every week in Miller Chapel. Our community brings together students, faculty, and staff from all over the world and from many different Christian traditions. We gather every day for worship, and it is an essential rhythm of our community life." M. Craig Barnes

Listen for the first time or recall a particularly memorable sermon President Barnes delivered in chapel this year.

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Pastor at Grace Presbyterian Church, Crystal City, Missouri

Joshua Noah, Class of 2015

“Through my field education placement at Trinity Presbyterian Church in East Brunswick, New Jersey, I discovered my gift to minister to all age groups.”