Seminary Announces New Direction for Campus Redevelopment

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News Release

PRINCETON, NJ — Princeton Theological Seminary will no longer seek to construct new student apartments on its Tennent Roberts campus along Hibben Road and Stockton Street and instead will focus on its continued efforts to restore and renew other buildings on campus.

Following more than a year of collaboration and careful deliberation, the Seminary informed Princeton Mayor Liz Lempert, the town’s Ad Hoc Redevelopment Committee, and nearby neighbors of its decision, citing increased cost estimates for the project as the primary reason for the decision.

“This decision enables us to re-prioritize other projects in our long-range campus plan,” President M. Craig Barnes said in his letter to the community. “We remain committed to providing the campus facilities that enhance our life together and foster spaces where a sense of community can flourish.” The Seminary will continue to house students on its main campus in Princeton and at the Charlotte Rachel Wilson apartments in West Windsor for the foreseeable future.

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