Financial Aid

Doctoral Scholarship and Fellowship Programs

Princeton Theological Seminary offers generous support for PhD students. Each admitted applicant will receive at minimum (a) a Merit Tuition Scholarship and (b) either a Princeton Doctoral Fellowship or the George S. Green Fellowship for a period of up to five consecutive years of full-time study. Two Trustees Merit Scholarships are awarded annually to applicants whose applications are judged to be of a superior quality. One Peter Paris Fellowship, valued at $5,000 above the current doctoral stipend, is awarded annually to a student who is a descendant of slaves or from an underrepresented group.

The terms of all financial award packages offered to students require that the student remains in good academic standing and hold no more than 20 hours a week of outside employment. Further, local residency is stipulated during coursework and required for all research and teaching assistantships and access to Seminary housing. Candidates who receive an outside grant for overseas study and relinquish their Seminary fellowship during one of their first five years of doctoral work are eligible to receive the fellowship during a sixth year. All fellowships are disbursed during the academic year.

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An unfurnished apartment (size dependent on availability) will be reserved for each admitted applicant in campus housing and will be made available for up to five consecutive years or for the duration of the student’s PhD program, whichever comes first. Single students may choose instead to live in one of the residence halls. In either case, the housing is heavily subsidized and thus represents a substantial enhancement of the overall admissions package.

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Pastor at Grace Presbyterian Church, Crystal City, Missouri

Joshua Noah, Class of 2015

“Through my field education placement at Trinity Presbyterian Church in East Brunswick, New Jersey, I discovered my gift to minister to all age groups.”