Entering Students

Enrollment Process

In order to register for classes, you need to complete the following steps. Students who wish to register for summer language courses (Greek or Hebrew), must complete these steps and register (by emailing registrar@ptsem.edu) before the summer registration deadline of June 19. Those who do not plan to take summer language must complete the enrollment steps before online registration for the fall semester opens in mid-July.

In order for you to be able to register for classes when that becomes available, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Entering Student Enrollment Survey: After you are officially confirmed as an incoming student, the entering student enrollment survey will appear on your application status page.
  2. Immunization Clearance: All entering students must verify immunizations before they officially enroll. You will need to have the Immunization Verification Forms completed by your doctor and send it to Penn Medicine Princeton Health for review (occupationalhealth@princetonhcs.org). Once they have notified us that your immunizations have cleared, we will mark this step as complete.
    - Immunization Verification Forms (pdf)
  3. Final Transcript: If we have already received your final transcript, we will mark this as complete. Otherwise you will be required to have your final transcript showing that your degree was conferred sent to us directly from your school.
  4. Network Account and Password: In order to register for fall classes and access the internal Princeton Seminary website (Inside PTS), you must obtain a Seminary network account and password. Instructions about how to create your network account will be sent to you mid-May. Those interested in registering for summer language should email the registrar at registrar@ptsem.edu.

The first three steps above will be listed on your application status page, so you will be able to monitor your progress.

After you create your network account and password, it may take 24-48 hours before you can log in to Inside PTS (inside.ptsem.edu) and access your Princeton Seminary email inbox and online registration portal. Once you have a Princeton Seminary email address, you can expect to receive future communication in your Seminary email inbox, so we encourage you to check it regularly.

Please contact admissions@ptsem.edu if you have any questions or need any assistance.

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