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Master of Theology

Master of Theology (ThM)

The Master of Theology program (ThM) is designed for students who wish to improve or deepen their preparation for ministry beyond the level reached by their MDiv degree or MTS, or who desire to acquire preparation for specialized ministries of the church. Graduates will garner advanced competency in a particular area of theological study, develop the capacity to conduct advanced research, and deepen their spiritual foundations and practices to support a lifetime of learning and service.

Students may specialize in one of the five subfields:

  • Biblical Studies
  • Theology
  • History and Ecumenics
  • Practical Theology*
  • Religion and Society

Applicants for the ThM program are required to have obtained either a:

  • Master of Divinity degree, or
  • First graduate theological degree providing equivalent theological background, such as the MTS from an approved institution, and evidence of aptitude for advanced theological study.

*The MDiv degree is required for admission to the Practical Theology specialization area.


The Master of Theology program (ThM) requires the successful completion of 24 credits composed of the following:

Specialization Courses (24 credits)
Candidates arrange their programs of study in consultation with their faculty advisor, and in accordance with the programs developed for their chosen area of study. Courses are generally taken in the area of specialization; however, students may also be permitted to take courses in other areas with approval from a faculty advisor.

Optional Thesis
Students have the option to complete a thesis (three or six credits) to meet some of the specialization course credit requirements, with the approval and support of a faculty advisor.

As a rule, introductory-level courses may not be chosen for credit toward the ThM. In special cases, the student’s advisor may give permission for selecting such courses, provided the instructor will give special assignments in accordance with the requirements for the ThM.

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