Field Education

International Program

International field education sites allow students to learn how to engage in ministry within another culture. By spending a summer or a year in another country, students are immersed in another culture, gain intercultural competence, and a broader understanding of the mission of the church in a multicultural world.

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Program and Requirements
More detailed information, and all forms for the International Program, are available at the internal Field Education site (Inside PTS).

Teaching Ministry Program

The Teaching Ministry program is a Field Education program designed for students who plan to teach either in higher education or in an adult teaching ministry in the church. Done part-time during the academic year, the placements are designed to help students bridge the gap between the academy and the parish. The Teaching Ministry program focuses on the Christian formation of adults within the context of a congregation, but there are some placements in school and campus ministry settings. We select churches and some specialized ministry sites with healthy college/adult ed. programs and a supervisor (pastor, C.E. director, program director) appropriately trained and willing to supervise a student devoted only to adult education.

While participating in the general life of a selected site, students will design, implement, teach and evaluate activities within the context of an effective adult education program. Working both independently (under the guidance of the supervisor and faculty mentor) and with others in the congregation/organization, the student connects curriculum, methodology and resources to the faith development of adult learners.

The student, in consultation with the congregation/organization’s Christian Formation Committee (or other appropriate oversight committee) and supervisor, may design work-shops, retreats, or series of classes. As an experienced teacher and expert in a given area, the faculty mentor serves as an academic resource and support person for the teaching ministry student. The student usually teaches a series during the fall/Advent and a series during the spring/Lent but may also do retreats or other projects with adults.

Program and Requirements
More detailed information, and all forms for the Teaching Ministry Program, are available at the internal Field Education site (Inside PTS).

Urban Ministry Leadership Program

The Office of Field Education and selected churches, specialized ministry and non-profit agencies collaborated in providing a concentrated urban ministry leadership practical field education placement. The opportunity to work alongside practitioners in urban areas will afford each student to develop skills and engage in critical reflection on ministry and practice in the urban context. The objective is to deepen the students understanding of urban issues and their capacity to minister and lead in the midst of global changes and challenges.

More detailed information about the Urban Ministry Leadership Program is available at the internal Field Education site (Inside PTS).

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)

CPE is theological and professional education for ministry. In CPE theological students, ordained clergy, members of religious orders, and qualified lay people minister to people in crisis situations while being supervised. Out of intense involvement with supervisors, other students, people in crisis, and other professionals, CPE students are challenged to improve the quality of their pastoral relationships. Through pastoral practice, written case studies and verbatims, individual supervision, seminar participation, and relevant reading students are encouraged to develop genuine, caring pastoral relationships. Often part of seminary education, it is also continuing education and refreshment in ministry for the experienced pastor. Furthermore, CPE provides the professional training needed for a career in chaplaincy.

Program and Requirements
Detailed information is contained in our CPE Booklet (pdf). For more information about CPE, including specific requirements and forms, consult the internal Field Education site (Inside PTS).

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