Continuing Education


Sustaining the Preaching Life

Sustaining the Preaching Life (S.T.P.L.) is a program that supports community for pastors through small groups for a period of six months and offers a framework and tools for improving one’s preaching through a blend of instruction and peer learning.

Worshippers often name strong preaching as a key reason for participating in weekly worship. And yet, the demands of weekly sermon preparation are a heavy load for pastors when carried alone. This is even more true today, with the implications of the shifting pandemic for communal worship. You do not need to go it alone. Be part of the Sustaining the Preaching Life Program and renew your preaching ministry with vocational friendships and a fresh look at the weekly sermon.

The 2022 program receives support from a grant from Lilly Endowment, Inc.

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Independent Study for Ministry Professionals

Come to the seminary campus to rest, reflect, and study. Need to plan your study leave? This program of self-directed learning is perfect for pastors, Christian institutional leaders, lay professionals, and scholars. Stay in the Erdman Center, steps away from the seminary Library, where you may study and explore its vast resources. Take part in the life of the seminary community by attending daily chapel, taking meals in the dining hall, meeting friends and faculty for coffee in the Brick Cafe, and attending public lectures that may be available. Hosted by the Office of Continuing Education, Independent Study weeks are offered multiple times throughout the year.

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Regional Auditing Program

Area pastors, church leaders, and community members 18 years and older are welcome to audit select seminary courses on a non-credit basis. Registration, through The Office of Continuing Education, is required and there is a fee of $175 per course with a limit of one course per person per semester.

Auditors will sit in on course lectures but should not expect to participate in class discussion, attend precepts, or have work evaluated by professors. All communication about courses should be directed to the Office of Continuing Education. No credit or certification is given for audited courses. However, pastors and church professionals may request verification of continuing education units (CEUs), at the conclusion of the semester, from the Office of Continuing Education.

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