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Saturday, February 16

John 1:43-4          


 Are we rooted and grounded solidly in love so that we are genuine in our invitation to others to “Come and see”?  Do our daily lives reflect a sincere follow-through on this invitation? Jesus loves Philip enough to call him from a familiar life into a hard life. Philip loves Nathanael enough to invite him along for the ride of his life. And Jesus loves Nathanael despite his initial skepticism, turning it into joy. Together they set off on a journey--a dusty, messy, confusing, dangerous journey of a new way to love one another--the very same journey we here at seminary are on today. It is the adventure of chasing after Jesus wholeheartedly, and bidding our neighbors to run the race by our side, into a full and abundant life of response to the One who said, “Follow me.”

Ruth Smalt, Seminary Deacon


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