Always call 911 if there is a serious medical concern or any risk to people or property.

During Business Hours

Call or come to Scheide Hall. Let Ms. Heyer know this is an emergency. If there is a medical concern, address these first at the Emergency Room of the University Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro, located on Route 1 North (1.5 miles from Alexander Road). 

After Hours

A. Sometimes what is disturbing but bearable in the daytime becomes magnified at night. If feelings have escalated but neither you nor others are at risk, you may find it calming to call one of the following 24-hour hotlines:

    1. Mercer County CONTACT: 609.896.2120 or 609.585.2244
    Suicide lines: 1.800.273 TALK (8355) or 1.800.SUICIDE (784.2433)

    2. “Silent Unity’s Prayer Line”: 1.800.669.7729

    3. Leave messages to arrange for counseling the next day on both 497.7891 (student counseling) and 497.7890 (chapel office).

B. If there is risk of injury to self or others, pursue one of these options:

    1. Call 911―if an injury has occurred, if someone has passed out or is out of control, or if there is concern about possible overdose.

    2. Go directly to the Princeton Medical Center Emergency Room or call Princeton House, the hospital’s psychiatric facility at 609.497.3355 or page 609.687.8183.

    3. Seek help from a PTS Security Officer. Main Campus: 609.273.9727; CRW Campus: 609.273.9726. The Security Officer may contact an administrator from the Psychological Crisis Response Team.If you have difficulty reaching an officer, call 609.497.7777. For confidentiality, tell the dispatch operator "This is a Code Red” and give only your location and a phone number. The dispatch operator will contact a Security Officer for you. Security Officers and Deacons are familiar with these guidelines and ready to help.

4. The Psychological Crisis Response Team includes: John White, Dean of Students and Vice President for Student Relations; Nancy Schongalla- Bowman, Director of Student Counseling; Janice Smith Ammon, Minister of the Chapel; Cathy Cook Davis, Associate Dean of Student Life and Director of Senior Placement; Debbie Davis, Director of Field Education; Victor Aloyo, Director of Multicultural Relations; and John Gilmore, Vice President for Business Affairs.

Miscellaneous Emergency Numbers

1. 24-hour Hotlines for Women in Crisis: 609.394.9000 and 1.800.572.SAFE

2. Crime Victim Services (Statewide): 1.800.242.0804

3. Child Abuse 24-hour Hotline: 1.800.792.8610 (if you suspect abuse or neglect)

4. Family 24-hour Helpline: 1.800.THE KIDS (Parents Anonymous))

5. National Dating Abuse Helpline: 1.866-331.9474

6. Capital Health System at Helene Fuld, 24-hour Crisis Center for Mercer County: 609.396.4357 (will offer guidance on handling the crisis, and send screeners to the individual in crisis if necessary)

7. Princeton Borough Police: 609.924.4141

8. West Windsor Police: 609.799.1222

Always call 911 if there are serious medical concerns or any risk to people or property.

Hospitals and Psychiatric Facilities

University Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro, 1 Plainsboro Road, Plainsboro Township  - 609.497.4000

Directions: Take Alexander Road to Route 1 North.  Hospital exit is 1.5 miles on your right.

Princeton House, 905 Herrontown Road, Princeton - 609.497.3300 

This is the psychiatric inpatient wing of the University Medical Center which includes detox and substance abuse treatment.  Intensive outpatient services are housed on Mt. Lucas Road.

Directions: Take 206 North for 2 ½ miles from where 206 splits from Nassau Street by the Monument. Turn right on Herrontown Road (Landmarks are a Hesco Electric Store on the right and a Petro Oil Hearting Distributors on the left). Princeton House is just up on the left, #905. 


Carrier Clinic, 252 Route 601, Belle Meade - 908.281.1000 

This inpatient psychiatric facility includes drug and alcohol treatment.

Directions: North on Route 206 for 4 ½ miles Left on Route 518 for 2 ½ miles Frist light turn right on Route 601/Belle Mead Blawenburg Road Carrier is on your left in 4 miles. 


Capital Health Medical Center, Hopewell, One Capital Way, Pennington - 1-800-637-2374

Directions: Take exit 3B off Route 95.


Capital Health (Helene Fuld Campus), 750 Brunswick Avenue, Trenton - 609.394.6000 

This hospital includes mental health units and a mobile screening team for psychological crises.

Directions: Route 1 South for 5.6 miles Take exit toward Olden Avenue Turn left onto New York Avenue (0.1 miles) Take the 1st right onto N Olden Ave (0.2 miles) Turn right onto Brunswick Avenue (0.20 miles) Hospital is on your left Pull into parking lot directly across from Emergency Room.

Please Note

1. If a call to 911 was made from the main campus, they will be taken to the University Medical Center at Princeton and on to Princeton House if inpatient psychiatric care is needed. If Princeton House is full, Princeton House contacts other in-network hospitals, (e.g. Carrier or Helene Fuld for those in the SHBP).

2. If a CRW/Witherspoon student has called 911 for assistance they will be taken to the Helene Fuld Campus of the Capital Health System since the call will be picked up by the West Windsor Police. If they need inpatient care, they are likely to remain in that hospital system's psychiatric unit. They may request to be taken to Princeton House or elsewhere but a transfer is not guaranteed.