Student Groups at the Seminary

Asian Association at Princeton Theological Seminary
Serves to advocate for the quality of student life at the Seminary. It aims to provide space for deepening its members’ spiritual identity through continual conversation with the diversity of Asian and Asian American perspectives.
Learn about the Asian American Program.

Association of Black Seminarians
Committed to the liberating word of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and interpreting this message afresh for this contemporary age, ABS gives support to its African and African American brothers and sisters while matriculating at the Seminary.
Learn about the Center for Black Church Studies.

Association of Latin@ and Hispanic American Students
ALS is primarily composed of students from a Latino/Hispanic background, but welcomes students from all ethnic backgrounds. Its main purpose is to provide a community for students to engage the Latino/Hispanic heritage and offer workshops and an enriching environment.
Learn about the Hispanic Theological Initiative.

BGLASS provides support, advocacy, education, and fellowship to members of the PTS community, especially those who identify themselves as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, queer/questioning, or intersex (LGBTQQI). BGLASS believes that LGBTQQI persons should be fully included in the church as they affirm their sexuality and discern God’s call.
Learn about the Center for Theology, Women, and Gender.

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Lutheran Group
The Lutheran Group organizes fellowship opportunities and support for Lutherans, as well as any students interest­ed in joining us. Every four years the Lutheran Group takes a turn hosting the annual “Lutherans in Diaspora Conference,” where Lutherans from Union, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale gather for public lectures, fellowship, worship, and practical workshops.

Princeton Theological Review
The Princeton Theological Review is an annual, student-run journal that exists to serve students as well as the wider theological community. It is committed to engaging theological issues in ways that are grounded in Scripture, centered on Jesus Christ, formed by the work of the Holy Spirit, and oriented toward the historic and contemporary reflections of the church.

Significant Others Society
SOS is a student group formed specifically to equip, support, and advocate for spouses and partners of the PTS community. Whether you’ve just arrived or you’ve been here for awhile, we’d love to connect with you.

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The Society of French-Speaking Princeton Seminarians
This group is for seminarians who want to enhance their academic, theological, and social experience by speaking French.

Women’s Center
The Women’s Center is an action-oriented group concerned with the life of Princeton Theological Seminary. The organization provides a supportive sisterhood for women.
Learn about the Women in Ministry Initiative.

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Educating faithful Christian leaders.

Special Advisor & Founding Director, IJM Institute

Bethany Hoang, Class of 2004

“The rooting of justice in our spiritual formation in Christ requires careful thought and teaching. I was equipped to lead in this way through my time at PTS.”