Thomas W. Seat II

PhD Candidate | Religion & Society

Thomas W. Seat II
Religion & Society


Tom Seat graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University’s John Wesley Honors College (BA, summa cum laude) and from Princeton Theological Seminary (MDiv), where he received the Jean Anne Swope and James L. Mechem Award. He then joined Teach For America, teaching developmental reading in Saint Louis Public Schools before returning to Princeton Seminary for a ThM in Religion and Society.

Tom’s main research interests center on matters of politics and justice in Christianity’s spread, looking especially at how American religious actors shaped public spheres abroad after the Second World War. His secondary research interests involve methodology in the study of world Christianity. Tom’s dissertation focuses on how American evangelists and missionaries worked with U.S. intelligence agencies throughout the Cold War.


Christianity and Counterinsurgency: American Evangelists, Missionaries, and the CIA in Latin America and Southeast Asia during the Cold War

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Curriculum Vitae

Educating faithful Christian leaders.

Senior Pastor, Asbury United Methodist Church, Atlantic City, NJ

Latasha Milton, Class of 2018

“My passion is doing what I can to empower and liberate people who are hurting. PTS has made me a better person and pastor because it’s given me the tools to better serve the oppressed and marginalized.”