Ryan M. Armstrong

PhD Candidate | Biblical Studies (Old Testament)

Ryan M. Armstrong

Ryan M. Armstrong is a PhD candidate at Princeton Seminary. He completed his MA in Bible and Ancient Near East at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He holds both MDiv and ThM degrees from Southeastern Seminary specializing in New Testament. His research interests include philological exegesis, transmission, and reception history of the Bible. His dissertation takes cues from Medieval Jewish exegesis while examining descriptions of dialogue with God in the book of Job. He has served as adjunct faculty teaching Hebrew Reading courses for several years, and he has been a teaching fellow for introductory and advanced courses on Hebrew Bible and language. He is focused on pedagogy that makes difficult concepts accessible and on producing careful scholarship.

Curriculum Vitae

Real Talk: Two Final Interlocutors Address Job's Dialogue with God

F. W. "Chip" Dobbs-Allsopp (Chair)
Choon-Leong Seow (Vanderbilt Divinity School)
Alan Cooper (The Jewish Theological Seminary)

Select Publications

  • “Psalms Dwelling Together in Unity: The Placement of Psalms 133 and 134 in Two Different Psalms Collections,” JBL 131.3 (2012), 487–506.

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Associate Rector at Trinity Church, Princeton, New Jersey

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