Nicola Whyte

PhD Candidate | Theology

Nicola Whyte
Church of Scotland/PC (USA)


Nicola Whyte is a PhD Candidate in Systematic Theology. She holds a Master of Arts (Honours) in Divinity from the University of Edinburgh (2011) and a Master of Arts (Theological Studies) in Systematic Theology from Princeton Theological Seminary (2012.) Before returning to Princeton for doctoral study, Nicola worked first as Associate for Christian Education and Pastoral Care in an Edinburgh congregation, and later as Congregational Learning Development Worker for the Church of Scotland. Her dissertation puts Karl Barth’s doctrines of evil, sin, and the lordless powers in conversation with accounts of structural injustice, toward a Reformed account of resistance. Her current research and teaching interests also include feminist theology, political theology, and the doctrines of election and justification.

Educating faithful Christian leaders.

Chaplain at the Hill School, Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Khristi Adams, Class of 2008

“At Princeton, we had precept groups—we’d engage text and debate. That gave me confidence to have those conversations anywhere.”