Nathan C. Johnson

PhD Candidate | Biblical Studies (New Testament)

Nathan C. Johnson
Biblical Studies
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Nathan C. Johnson is a PhD Candidate at Princeton Theological Seminary, having previously studied at the Institut Protestant de Théologie (Montpellier, France), Western Theological Seminary (MDiv), and Hope College (BA). He has taught at Princeton Theological Seminary and Western Theological Seminary, and his articles have been published in the Catholic Biblical Quarterly, New Testament Studies, and the Journal of Biblical Literature. Johnson is currently completing a dissertation on David in the Gospel of Matthew, and his research interests include Second Temple and Rabbinic Judaism, reception history, intertextuality, and textual criticism. A licensed candidate for ordination in the Reformed Church in America, he enjoys teaching and preaching in area churches.

Curriculum Vitae
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A New David: Matthew, Intertextuality, and the Reconstruction of Messianism

Dale C. Allison Jr. (chair)
C. Clifton Black
James H. Charlesworth

Select Publications

  • “Living, Active, Elusive: Toward a Theology of Textual Criticism.” The Journal of Reformed Theology 12 (2018): 83-102.
  • “When Seventy Equals Seventy-Two: A Reception-Historical Contribution to the Text-Critical Problem of Luke 10:1, 17.” The Journal of Theological Studies (forthcoming).
  • “The Passion according to David: Matthew’s Arrest Narrative, the Absalom Revolt, and Militant Messianism.” The Catholic Biblical Quarterly 80 (2018): 247-72.
  • “Romans 1:3-4: Beyond Antithetical Parallelism,” Journal of Biblical Literature 136.2 (2017): 467-90.
  • “Anger Issues: Mark 1.41 in Ephrem the Syrian, the Old Latin Gospels, and Codex Bezae," New Testament Studies 63.2 (2017): 183-202.
  • “Rendering David a Servant in Psalm of Solomon 17.21,” Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha 26.3 (2017): 235-50.
  • “Messianic Banquet (New Testament)” in The Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception (in press).
  • “‘Sent into All the World’ Luke's Sending of the Seventy-two,” Princeton Theological Review 18 (2015): 9-19.

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