Kenneth O. Ofula

PhD Candidate | History & Ecumenics (World Christianity and History of Religions)

Kenneth O. Ofula
History & Ecumenics

Kenneth Ofula, MA(TS) ‘17, is a priest in the All Saints’ Cathedral Diocese of the Anglican Church of Kenya, and currently a PhD candidate in World Christianity and history of religions at Princeton Theological Seminary. He holds an MA (theological studies) from Princeton Seminary and a BA (political science and public administration) from Moi University, Kenya. His research and teaching interests include the intersection of African indigenous cultures and Christianity, ritual theory and practice, social identity theory, religion in the public sphere, and World Christianity. His dissertation research examines the resurgence of indigenous puberty rites in the Anglican congregations in Kenya. He uses ethnographic study, ritual theory, and Ngugi’s account in “The River Between” to understand the reimagination of indigeneity in African Christianity. In addition, he has a prolific history working with faith-based and non-profit organizations and a growing interest in higher education institutions.

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