Kate Unruh

PhD Candidate | Practical Theology (Christian Education and Formation)

Kate Unruh
Practical Theology
United Methodist Church

Kate has enjoyed working on various research projects and appreciates the challenge of integrating what she learns into the classroom, where she lives into her true passion - teaching. She excels in helping others to think critically and theologically about the intersection of divine and human action, in both teaching and writing, and finds great joy in the discovery process.

Kate's dissertation, "Performing Faith: An Incarnational Theology for Confirmation," parses the performance of historic faith practices to describe how they are formative in the life of young confirmands, addressing the "graduation effect" in which confirmation is seen as a fulfillment of obligation to the Church. Her work adds to the wider conversation about faith practices in practical theology by describing how practices are formative and how they can be used to improve confirmation in the United Methodist Church, though there are implications for other mainline denominations as well. She graduates in May 2022.

How Faith Practices Shape Confirmands in the United Methodist Church

Kenda Creasy Dean, Chair
Gordon S. Mikoski
Katherine M. Douglass

Select Publications:

"Cultivating Faith: Insights from The Confirmation Project," contributor (eds. Richard R. Osmer and Katherine M. Douglass)

Curriculum Vitae

Educating faithful Christian leaders.

Director of Development, Best Buddies Michigan

Lindsay Clark, Class of 2018

“Trenton Psych was a fantastic place to work and learn, a seminal part of my Seminary experience and the most important thing I did at Princeton.”