Joyce MacKichan Walker

Adjunct Professor of Christian Education

Joyce MacKichan Walker
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Joyce MacKichan Walker was the director of Christian education at Nassau Presbyterian Church in Princeton, New Jersey for 18 years, and in 2007 became the minister of education. A 1979 graduate of the Presbyterian School of Christian Education (now Union Presbyterian Seminary) and a certified Christian educator since 1983. Her first love within Christian education is teaching, which she actively practices at Nassau and as a workshop leader and keynoter. Her writing includes a book with Carol Wehrheim, Teaching Children Worship in the Sanctuary; a book with Linda Lebron, BeTween: Exploring Life and Christian Faith with Older Elementary Children and lots of curriculum.

Educating faithful Christian leaders.

PhD Student

Isaac Kim, Class of 2015

“One of the biggest lessons I learned was how to be charitable to views other than my own. Christian charity was shown to me, not just in the readings for class, but from the professors, and the Seminary community.”