Jolyon G. R. Pruszinski

PhD Candidate | Biblical Studies (New Testament)

Jolyon G. R. Pruszinski

Jolyon is a PhD Candidate and Trustees Merit Scholar at Princeton Theological Seminary. After graduating with honors in Geography from Dartmouth College, receiving the Marsh Award for his research in environmental geography, Mr. Pruszinski pursued a career for several years as a consultant in urban planning. He completed his MDiv at Princeton Theological Seminary, receiving both the Maitland Award for New Testament exegesis and the Neumann Award in Biblical languages. He works as an editor at the Princeton Dead Sea Scrolls Project and has served as a Fellow for the Foundation for Judaism and Christian Origins. His research interests include the Gospel of John, Critical Theories of Space, and Early Jewish Apocalypses and Pseudepigrapha. He is a member of the Episcopal Church.

Curriculum Vitae

Location and Imagination: Phenomenologies of Valorized Space in Hellenistic Jewish Literature

George L. Parsenios (chair)
Dale C. Allison, Jr.
James H. Charlesworth

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Environmental steward at St. Paul’s Christian School

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