Jennifer Phelps

Adjunct Professor

Jennifer Phelps
Affiliate Faculty
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Jennifer Phelps serves as pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Perkasie, Pennsylvania. She holds a Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy from Baldwin-Wallace College, Berea, Ohio. From the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, she holds a Master of Divinity, Sacred Theology Master in New Testament Studies, and a Doctor of Ministry in worship renewal. She served on worship staff of the ELCA as the Associate for Worship Resources (2007–2011) and as editor of CrossAccent, the journal of the Association of Lutheran Church Musicians (2011–2019). She is a frequent contributor to ELCA worship resources, including Sundays and Seasons, Sundays and Seasons Preaching, and devotional resources.

Curriculum Vitae

Educating faithful Christian leaders.

Senior Pastor, Asbury United Methodist Church, Atlantic City, NJ

Latasha Milton, Class of 2018

“My passion is doing what I can to empower and liberate people who are hurting. PTS has made me a better person and pastor because it’s given me the tools to better serve the oppressed and marginalized.”