Heather J. Ketchum

PhD Student | Theology (Philosophy & Theology)

Heather J. Ketchum
American Baptist Churches (USA)

Heather J. Ketchum (she/her) is a third year PhD student in Philosophy and Theology. Heather’s research interests are in failure, body, death, time and negativity within the fields of queer and critical theories, phenomenology and Christology. She completed a Master’s Thesis entitled “Resurrected Discipleship: Bodily Resurrection, Time and Hope,” arguing for a concept of “Resurrected Discipleship” which engages the life, death and bodily resurrection of Christ as possible inroads to holding the complexity and fullness of a person’s narrative in the face of violence. Her current work explores justice for unidentified persons buried in the mass graves on Hart Island (New York City).

Heather earned her MDiv from Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York with a concentration in Systematic Theology. She earned a BA in Communications with an emphasis in Interpersonal Communication and a BA in Theology with an emphasis in Biblical Studies, both with honors, from Colorado Christian University. She has presented papers at the Mid-Atlantic Region AAR, served as the Assistant Editor for the Black Theologies Papers Project, served as a Conference Coordinator for the Political Theology Network's 2nd Annual Conference and has performed a plethora of academic leadership and service roles such as student representative on various committees and as department student secretary.

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