Craig Rubano

PhD Candidate | Practical Theology (Pastoral Theology)

Craig Rubano

Craig Rubano’s work centers on pastoral practices that would build bridges across gender identity, sexual orientation, race, and faith lines from a critical postcolonial perspective. A graduate of Yale (AB, poststructuralist literary theory) and Columbia (MA, English & comparative literature), Rubano did his MDiv work at Princeton Theological Seminary, along with a Master of Theology specializing in pastoral care. His background includes a lifetime lived in South American countries, a perspective which informs the liberationist lens through which he views theologies of care, counseling, and congregational ministries. Rubano has teaching experience in psychological dimensions of the several disciplines of practical theology. He also has considerable experience using song as a liturgical healing agent, having made his professional living for more than a decade in the musical singing field. While at Princeton Seminary, Rubano has been deeply involved with campus-wide efforts to bring seminarians together in covenant-bound conversations on diversity-related issues.

Educating faithful Christian leaders.

Pastor at Franklin Lakes United Methodist Church, New Jersey

Alison VanBuskirk, Class of 2015

“My call as a pastor centers on shaping a community where people can connect and be real with each other and God.”