Bonnie E. Lin

PhD Candidate | Practical Theology (Christian Education and Formation)

Bonnie E. Lin
Practical Theology

Bonnie E. Lin is a PhD Candidate in Practical Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary, where she earned an MDiv ‘11 (Christian Education and Formation) and ThM ‘16 (Pastoral Care). She also holds a BA in English and Religion (Christianity and Buddhism) from Amherst College. Her research interests include Christian discipleship and pastoral care, the learning sciences and culturally responsive pedagogies, conflict transformation and restorative justice, trauma recovery and interpersonal neurobiology, and Asian American Christianity. Bonnie has taught courses at Peking University and the National Tsing Hua University, cared for individuals and families as a crisis counselor and hospital chaplain, and served in the teaching ministries of several churches in New Jersey. She works for ScholarLeaders International, an organization that serves theological leaders and institutions in the Majority World. A steering committee member of the Asian American Theology Conference, Bonnie also co-leads the Asian American Theology and Ministry Colloquium at Princeton Theological Seminary.

Select Publications:

Educating faithful Christian leaders.

Scholar and Theological Educator

Kathleen M. O’Connor, Class of 1984

“Informal time in discussion groups with faculty and students discussing feminist theological literature altered my views, excited my spirit, and greatly influenced my teaching.”