Bonnie E. Lin

PhD Student | Practical Theology (Christian Education and Formation)

Bonnie E. Lin
Practical Theology

Bonnie E. Lin is a PhD Student in Practical Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary, where she received an MDiv (Christian Education and Spiritual Formation) and ThM (Pastoral Care). She also holds a BA in English and Religion (Christianity and Buddhism) from Amherst College. Her research interests include conflict transformation and restorative practices, Christian discipleship and spiritual friendship, pastoral care through the life cycle, family systems and object relations psychology, and Christian vocation and the theology of work. Bonnie has taught summer courses at Peking University and the National Tsing Hua University, cared for individuals and families as a crisis counselor and hospital chaplain, and served in the teaching ministries of several churches in New Jersey. She works for ScholarLeaders International, an organization that serves theological leaders and institutions in the Majority World.

Select Publications:

  • “All This is from God: Augsburger, Lederach, Barth, and Coutts on Forgiveness.” Pro Ecclesia. Forthcoming.
  • “A Transforming Power: Teaching the Bible in China.” Bible Study Magazine, January/February 2018.
  • “Reaching China’s Intellectuals.” ScholarLeaders International. May 2017.
  • “A Prophetic Voice for the Pakistani Church.” ScholarLeaders International. October 2016.
  • “Redeem India: A New Response to Persecution.” ScholarLeaders International. August 2016.
  • “Leaders of a Multiethnic Fellowship.” In A Transforming Vision: Multiethnic Fellowship in College and in the Church, edited by Paul V. Sorrentino, 136-145. South Hadley, MA: Doorlight, 2011. (Co-authored with Sarah Bass, Janet Lydecker, Jenn Roberge Chudy, Rob Godzeno, Janet Ha, and Matt Mascoli.)
  • “The Costs of Believing: What Kind of God Would Permit These Kinds of Evils?” Thoughts of Amherst. Amherst College. Spring 2007.
  • “Tolerance in Good Faith.” The Indicator: A Journal of Social and Political Thought. Amherst College. December 2007.
  • “Running the Race as One Body.” The Indicator: A Journal of Social and Political Thought. Amherst College. March 2007. (Co-authored with Sara Ruddock-Harris.)

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Associate Rector at Trinity Church, Princeton, New Jersey

Nancy Hagner, Class of 2013

“Preaching is one of the most important things we do as pastors. You get to challenge people’s minds and hearts, as the gospel challenges all of us.”