Andrea Giraldi

PhD Candidate | History & Ecumenics (Church History)

Andrea Giraldi
History & Ecumenics

Andrea M. Giraldi (née Odegaard) is a Church historian and Catholic theologian. Before coming to PTS, Giraldi earned degrees from the University of Notre Dame (MTS, history of Christianity) and Kenyon College (BA, history, magna cum laude). Her undergraduate honors thesis, “Unity Under the Cross: Norway’s Christianization and State Formation in the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries,” received highest honors in 2014.

Her current dissertation analyzes the role of missionaries in the conversion of Scandinavia between the ninth and eleventh centuries, with particular focus on Adam of Bremen's portrayal of these events in the "Gesta Hammaburgensis ecclesiae pontificum.” Giraldi has also done paleography work in Medieval Latin, and has tutored students in reading Latin.

Her other academic interests include: Medieval Catholic theology, saints, mysticism, material culture, and historical clothing reconstruction (900–1900). Giraldi uses her handsewn clothing reconstructions, spindles, and armor to educate the public about European history and culture.

Select Publications
Andrea M. Giraldi, "Reviews: Christianizing Egypt: Syncretism and Local Worlds in Late Antiquity, by David Frankfurter," The Journal of World Christianity ; vol.11, no.2, 2021..

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