We want to meet you! Our president, faculty members and recruitment team are active in their fields, on campus, across the country and abroad. They preach in churches, teach, lecture, conduct research, and meet with students and alumni/ae. Check out what some of them are up to:

  Ann-Henley Saunders  
  ann-henley saunders pts on the road

When: March 1–8
Location: Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Email Ann-Henley Saunders if you are in the area and would like to meet her and learn more about Princeton Seminary.   

When: April 8
Event: Baylor Seminary Day (and meals with you!)
Location: Waco, Texas 
Email Ann-Henley Saunders if you are in the area and would like to meet her and learn more about Princeton Seminary.  

  M. Craig Barnes
  craig barnes pts on the road

When: April 14
Event: Speaker
Location: Presbyterian Historical Society, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

When: April 18–19
Event: Preacher
Location: Westminster Presbyterian Church, Nashville, Tennessee
Open to the public.

When: May 5–8
Event: Speaker, Global Forum for the Future of World Christianity
Location: Jeju Island, Korea 

When: May 14
Event: Speaker/Preacher, Festival of Homiletics
Location: Denver, Colorado 

When: August 2–8
Event: Speaker/Preacher
Location: Mount Hermon Conference Center, Mount Hermon, California 

When: September 24
Event: World Meeting of Families with Pope Francis
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

When: October 2–4
Event: Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church Retreat at Mt. Hermon
Location: Lafayette, California

When: October 24–25
Event: Preacher
Location: Washington National Cathedral, Washington DC 
Open to the public.

When: November 8
Event: Preacher, Alumni/ae Gathering at Ladue Chapel Presbyterian Church
Location: St. Louis, Missouri 

  James Charlesworth    
  james charlesworth pts on the road

When: March 30–31
Event: “Jesus, the Temple, and Passion Week”
Location: Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, and Utah State University, Logan, Utah
Open to the public.

When: June 21–26
Event: Enoch International Symposia
Topic: “Apocalypticism and Mysticism in the Self-Glorification Hymn and in the Mind of Christ of Philippians 2:6–11”  
Location: Gazzada, Italy

When: June 26–30
Event: Congress on Paul and Acts
Topic: “Why Ignore Acts in Pauline Research?” 
Location: Rome, Italy

When: July 1–5
Event: Nangeroni International Congress
Topic: “Educating by Poetic Visions of Suffering and Elevation through Imitation in the Hodayot”
Location: Naples, Italy

August 23–26
Event: The Continuity of Isaiah International Symposia
Topic: “Perceiving a Continuity from the Eighth Century BCE to the Fourth Century CE” and “The Importance of Isaiah in the Gospels”
Location: Jerusalem, Israel

  Kenda Creasy Dean
  kenda creasy dean pts on the road

When: March 20
Event: Speaker, Northern Maine District Resource Day, Maine Annual Conference
“Ministry with Youth and Young Adults in the Current Age” 
Location: Bangor, Maine 

  Robert Dykstra    
  robert dykstra pts on the road When: April 12

Event: Preacher
Location: The Riverside Church, New York, New York     
Open to the public. 

  Gordon Graham    
  gordon graham pts on the road

When: May 29
Topic: “Hume and Smith on Religion”
Location: University of Antwerp, Belgium 

When: June 26
Topic: “Practical Reason and Religious Understanding”
Location: Fordham University, New York, New York 

  Darrell Guder    
  darrell guder pts on the road

When: March 10–12
Event: Lecturer, Laidlaw Lectures
Location: Knox College, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Open to the public.