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Institute for Pastoral Leadership

Practical, Applicable Theological Education

School of Christian Vocation and Mission
Princeton Theological Seminary

Join us for institutes that will inspire and equip you in your ongoing pastoral formation and renewal. While each institute has a specific theme, they all allow you to:

  • Discuss ideas you can apply to daily ministry
  • Enjoy the company of colleagues
  • Dialogue with leading theologians and practitioners

There will not be an Institute for Pastoral Leadership this year. Please check back for more information about the next offering.

Previous Offerings of the Institute for Pastoral Leadership

June 11-13, 2012

Strategic Planning

This course will equip church leaders with the understanding of the significance of strategic planning in congregations.

June 14 -15, 2012

A Discussion on the Future of The Church (Ecclesiology)

This course will provide both projections about the future church and about the current paths to that future.

Conflict Management

This course will empower church leaders to an awareness of their conflict management style and ways to manage conflict within their staff and congregations.

October 3 - 5, 2011

Media-Savvy Pastor

This seminar will offer pastors a theological framework and practical tips for using various media in their ministry.

Pastoral Communication Beyond the Pulpit

Participants will engage in self-assessment and learn communication behaviors that positively influence their working with others.

Pastor as Steward: Wisely Leading Those Who Follow

This course will assist pastors in inspiring, leading and training other great leaders.

October 6 - 7, 2011

Finance for Church Leaders

Theological and practical examination of stewardship, budgets, and financial better practices.

Women Clergy

For women who serve in pastoral roles.

February 28 - March 2, 2011

Caring for Yourself; Caring for your Family

This workshop is for those church leaders who need to learn how to care for their own souls and those of their family as tenderly as they do the members of their congregation.

Pastoral Boundaries and Ethics

Participants will examine issues related to ethics and boundaries that arise frequently in ministry.

Evangelism: Living and Sharing the Gospel

Participants will learn to share and better articulate their faith with others, especially the un-churched, and develop effective steps for evangelism, leading to church renewal.

March 3 - 4, 2011

Apologetics: A Defense of the Gospel

This institute will help ministers, church leaders, and committed Christians develop a deeper understanding of and ability to explain the revelation of God in Christ.

Spiritual Practices

This institute will reflect on the theological and biblical basis for spiritual practices and examine practical ways to cultivate them, even when one's schedule is busy and demanding.

Rites of Passage

This institute will help ministers articulate a theological and biblical understanding of their role during rites of passage and reflect on how best to preach the Word at these key moments.