Recap: "Yellow Christianity" with Dr. Jonathan Tran

Watch Dr. Jonathan Tran's April 8 lecture

Dr. Jonathan Tran delivered a lecture titled “Yellow Christianity” to the Seminary community on April 8. Tran, who is associate professor of philosophical theology and holds the George W. Baines Chair of Religion at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, discussed the harmful effects of the “model minority myth” within Asian American Christianity. Not only does this myth erase the diverse experiences of Asian Americans, Tran says; it also reinforces the unjust system of racial capitalism. Instead, Tran calls for a “Yellow Christianity” that rejects participation in oppressive systems and “see[s] the world sees the world as shot through with justice and mercy.”

The colloquium was hosted by the Center for Asian American Christianity and co-sponsored by the Asian Association of Princeton Theological Seminary and the Korean Student Association.

Click below to watch Tran’s lecture.

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