Power Play

The Distillery Season 4

Creative expression can be a powerful aid in helping to move across differences. In this episode, Lakisha Lockhart shares how modes of play can be used as a pedagogical resource for theological education and how engaging in embodied experiences and cultural expressions are seen and valued.

The Distillery is a podcast that explores the essential ingredients of book and research projects with experts in their field of study. Learn what motivates their work and why it matters for Christian theology and ministry.

Lockhart Lakisha


Lakisha Lockhart is a playful womanist scholar-activist and is currently the Director of the STREAM Youth Theology Institute and Assistant Professor of Practical Theology at the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University. She received her B.A. in Philosophy and Religion from Claflin University, M.Div with a concentration in Pastoral Care and Counseling from Wesley Theological Seminary, and an M.A. in Ethics and Society from Vanderbilt University. She has also been a Zumba Instructor since 2013 and loves to move and dance. She believes in the power of play, movement, aesthetics, and creative arts in life and in theology.

Educating faithful Christian leaders.

Chaplain at the Hill School, Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Khristi Adams, Class of 2008

“At Princeton, we had precept groups—we’d engage text and debate. That gave me confidence to have those conversations anywhere.”