In Prayer for the People of Ukraine

We are deeply troubled by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. As a people of faith, we join our voices to those around the world who are praying for peace in this country that today is under attack. Already many lives have been lost, and families are trying to flee their homes. And we pray especially for the various communities of faith there. When one part of the Body of Christ is hurt, the whole body suffers with it.

Our concern is not only for the people and democratically elected government of Ukraine, but also for ways in which this invasion may have far reaching global effects. The world aches under the weight of violence, instability, and threats to global order. So we pray also for world leaders, asking God to grant them wisdom and courage in pursuing peace and human flourishing.

In prayer we place our violent world back into the hands of its Creator, echoing the Psalmist who promised:

The nations are in an uproar,
the kingdoms totter…
The Lord of hosts is with us;
The God of Jacob is our refuge.

Psalm 46:6-7

We will continue to pray for the people of Ukraine, and the yearning for peace in our daily chapel services.

In Christ,

M. Craig Barnes
President, Princeton Theological Seminary

Educating faithful Christian leaders.

Scholar and Theological Educator

Kathleen M. O’Connor, Class of 1984

“Informal time in discussion groups with faculty and students discussing feminist theological literature altered my views, excited my spirit, and greatly influenced my teaching.”