Dear Seminary Community,

Last year we adopted a new strategic plan that focuses us on the changes we need to make to serve the future church.  In order to reach the plan’s goals, the nature and extent of all the seminary’s resources, including our human resources, are under review.  This led us to the painful realization that we must eliminate some staff and administrative positions.

Today, November 18, 2013, twenty-one people at the seminary were told that their jobs no longer exist.  Most of these cuts were in the areas of Information Technology, Library, and Continuing Education. This action comes at the end of an incredibly difficult decision making process that has been conducted as carefully as possible. The process has included the use of outside consultants and the wisdom of our trustees. We offered those whose jobs were eliminated a generous severance package that we hope will help them in this period of transition.

Our seminary has 502 students and 231 employees, which is an unworkable long-term business model for any school. Clearly we have to make adjustments to this ratio. But even that is not the primary rationale for the difficult decisions of removing some jobs. These cuts were driven by our strategic plan. In the future we may hire people to fill new positions that are necessary to help us achieve our vision for the future of the Seminary.  We may sell some properties and make improvements on others. We may continue to reorganize departments.  Ensuring what is in the strategic best interest of the Seminary’s future drives all these decisions.

As we make these difficult changes, we take very seriously how painful it is for people to lose their jobs, so please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.


M. Craig Barnes