Managing Editor: Gordon Graham, Princeton Theological Seminary

The Princeton Center for the Study of Scottish Philosophy has initiated an agreement with Oxford University Press for a new comprehensive, multi-authored history of Scottish philosophy in two volumes.

The Oxford History of Scottish Philosophy is the first work of this kind. Each volume of will comprise substantial essays that aim to combine historical understanding and philosophical analysis in a way that both informs readers and enables them to engage with the diversity and variety of this remarkable intellectual tradition. Beginning with its origins in the 17th century, Volume One will offer a new and comprehensive treatment of the philosophy and philosophers of the Scottish Enlightenment. Volume Two will break new ground by exploring the legacy of Thomas Reid and ‘Common Sense’ in 19th century Scotland and its influence in Europe, North America and Australasia.  A key theme is the reception of Kant, and the eventual transformation of the 18th century 'science of mind' into the Idealist metaphysics and empirical psychology of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Publication of The Oxford History of Scottish Philosophy is expected in 2013.


Volume One: The Scottish Enlightenment

Editors: Aaron Garrett ( Boston University) and James A Harris, (University of St Andrews)


Introduction -- Aaron Garrett and James Harris

The threshold of the Scottish Enlightenment – James Moore, Concordia University

Francis Hutcheson and Teaching Virtue -- Daniel Carey, University of Galway

The Theory of Morals -- Aaron Garrett

Rhetoric, Language, and Beauty -- Jan Swearingen, Texas A&M

David Hume in Scottish Context -- James Harris  

Religion and Philosophy -- Jeffrey Suderman, University of Calgary

Adam Smith: History and Law -- Smith, and John Millar  Ryan Hanley, Marquette University and Eric Schliesser, University of Ghent   

The Rise of the Human Sciences – Christopher Berry, University of Glasgow

Barbarism and Republicanism -- Silvia Sebastiani

Revolution – Four major political events -- Emma Vincent Macleod, Stirling University  

Thomas Reid and 'The Scottish Philosophy' -- Paul Wood, University of Victoria

Volume 2: Scottish Philosophy after the Enlightenment

Editor: Gordon Graham, Professor of Philosophy and the Arts, Princeton Theological Seminary


Scottish Philosophy Abroad : Gordon Graham, Princeton Theological Seminary

A Re-examination of Hamilton’s Philosophy: Ralph Jessup, University of Glasgow

The Scottish Reception of Kant: Paul Guyer, University of Pennsylvania

J F Ferrier:  Jennifer Keefe, University of Wisconsin-Parkside

The Reception of Hegel and Scottish Idealism:  David Boucher, Cardiff University

Bain, Associationism and Psychology: Cairns Craig, University of Aberdeen

Scottish Common Sense and American Pragmatism: Douglas McDermid, Trent University, Ontario

John Macmurray as a Scottish Philosopher: Esther McIntosh, York St John University

George Davie and the Democratic Intellect : Lindsay Paterson, Moray House, University of Edinburgh

Conclusion: The Idea of a National Tradition: Gordon Graham