The Center for the Study of Scottish Philosophy 

The purpose of the CSSP is to promote and encourage the highest levels of research and study of Scottish philosophy. Its specific aims include:

* Extending interest in Scottish philosophy beyond the traditional period of the Scottish Enlightenment among philosophers, theologians and historians of ideas.

* Exploring the impact of the Scottish philosophical tradition on the development of liberal arts colleges and theological education in North America.

* Recovering the resources of the tradition for engagement with contemporary philosophical and theological thought.

History of the Center for the Study of Scottish Philosophy

In 1997 the University of Aberdeen in Scotland established 'The Reid Project' with the purpose of encouraging the study of the Scottish Enlightenment philosopher Thomas Reid (1710-96) who taught philosophy at King’s College Aberdeen in the 18th century. In 2003 The Reid Project was expanded into an established Center for the Study of Scottish Philosophy (CSSP). Under its auspices, the Journal of Scottish Philosophy was founded, a book series launched, and a number of meetings and conferences organized.

The tradition of Scottish Philosophy was first identified as such in a seminal book of that name published in 1874 by James McCosh, President of the College of New Jersey, now Princeton University. In Spring 2006, the CSSP relocated to Princeton Theological Seminary. In its new location the CSSP has expanded its activities. The Journal of Scottish Philosophy, now published on behalf of Princeton Theological Seminary by Edinburgh University Press, devotes one issue a year to a special theme with a guest editor. Both current and back issues have been online since January 2008. Six further volumes have been added to the Library of Scottish Philosophy with a further two in preparation. The series of symposia that began in 1998, continues together with a program of smaller workshops and conferences. Building on the legacy of McCosh and the unrivalled resources offered by the combination of Seminary and University Libraries, a major project is a new  two volume history of Scottish philosophy.

The CSSP is under the direction of Gordon Graham, Henry Luce III Professor of Philosophy and the Arts at Princeton Seminary. He is founding editor of the Journal of Scottish Philosophy and general Editor of the Oxford History of Scottish Philosophy. Details of his activities and publications in Scottish philosophy can be found here

 The CSSP issues regular electronic newsletters with information of events, activities and publications. To be included on the CSSP email list email [email protected].


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