Journal of Scottish Philosophy: Current Volume

Volume 12 Issue 1 Spring 2014

Scottish Reactions to Mandeville
Guest Editor: Remy Debes, University of Memphis

Remy Debes


What Can an Egoist Say against an Egoist? On Archibald Campbell’s Criticisms of Bernard Mandeville   Christian Maurer

Mandeville on Governability   Martin Otero Knott

The Gothic Origin of Modern Civility: Mandeville and the Scots on Courage   Mikko Tolonen

Vanity, Virtue and the Duel: The Scottish Response to Mandeville   Andrea Branchi

Carrying Matters Too Far? Mandeville and the Eighteenth-Century Scots on the Evolution of Morals   Eugene Heath

Honestum is as Honestum Does: Reid, Hume – and Mandeville?!   Jeff Edwards