Iron Sharpening Iron - Women's Leadership Program

Program Overview

Participant Commitments

  • Attending four leadership seminars on the PTS campus—one in October, one in May each year
  • Preparation for seminars through readings, periodic assignments, and self-reflection and assessments
  • Participating in regularly scheduled check-in calls with the cohort, led by the leadership coach (6 times per year)
  • A willingness to engage deeply in learning, building relationships with colleagues, and fostering the growth of self and others
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  • $250 program fee per year ($500 for the entire program)
  • Travel or transportation to campus are the responsibility of the participant
  • Please don’t let cost be a reason you don’t apply! If you have questions about potential scholarships or financial assistance, email ironsharpeningiron@ptsem.edu

What's included

  • Four leadership seminars (including an opening retreat during the first seminar): plenary sessions, small-group coaching, programming, and materials included
  • 360 Assessment and consultation
  • Lodging (Erdman Center) and meals during the leadership seminars

Educating faithful Christian leaders.

Chaplain at the Hill School, Pottstown, Pennsylvania

Khristi Adams, Class of 2008

“At Princeton, we had precept groups—we’d engage text and debate. That gave me confidence to have those conversations anywhere.”