Objective 6  

We will know that we have enhanced the institutional affinity of our Graduates when: (1) 10% of members of the recent reunion classes (first 10 years) attend reunion; (2) alumni/ae giving increases from 17% to 25% (absolute levels of donation are addressed in Imperative #7); (3) there are robust networks (including internationally) of alumni/ae reflecting the gender and ethnic composition of our graduates; and (4) our alumni/ae are a reliable source of referral of potential M.Div. applicants.

Strategy 1
Alumni/ae Relations will bring the Seminary to our graduates by collaborating with SCVM to create and execute an annual schedule of five to six (US) regional events that feature either the President or an educational program.

Strategy 2
As soon as possible, a comprehensive database of alumni/ae will be created (by contracting with outside vendors, if practicable) and maintained, that includes vocational status. In addition, a comprehensive survey of all alumni/ae will be undertaken, and regularly repeated, to understand the distinct needs of alumni/ae from every generation.

Strategy 3
Alumni/ae Relations and Annual Giving will focus staff and volunteer attention on participation and giving totals for 5 year anniversary classes (i.e., 5th, 10th, etc) with the objective of increasing giving of each class by 10%.

Strategy 4
Seminary Relations will reinforce the annual Reunion program as a key alumni/ae and donor relations event in support of this Imperative and Imperative #7 by envisioning a way to increase dramatically the attendance of recent classes (particularly the 5th, 10th and 15th years).