We must recruit, admit, enroll, and welcome a diverse student body comprised of women and men primarily seeking roles defined by the church (ministerial or other).
As a school of the PCUSA, we are both a depository and a contemporary witness to the traditions of Reformed theology on behalf of the world church. Our student body should be comprised of individuals who heed the churches’ calling, who respectfully seek to engage our Reformed tradition and who reflect the diversity of Christ’s church today. Amid profound demographic shifts, we have begun to change so that we may reflect this diversity. A long-­‐term enrollment management plan that addresses the changing needs of the churches is currently being devised and will be implemented.
In building the kind of student body we are called to serve, the admissions process will continue to consider an applicant’s call to church ministries, leadership abilities, and potential. Further, we must tap the totality of our Seminary’s resources (churches, alumni/ae, board, faculty, etc.) with much greater intentionality to build an applicant pool and secure an admitted student’s timely enrollment. In order to create a culture of formation, the Seminary must develop an intentional and collaborative strategy for orienting and welcoming new students, integrating them into a mutually supporting community, fostering their development, and shaping a culture able to learn and benefit from their diversity.