Commencement 2008

Photos by Jonathan Kuehn and Gregory Benson

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Ph.D. graduates John Flett (left), interim director of professional studies, and Bruno Linhares. Luke Powery, assistant professor of homiletics, poses with Rebecca Montgomery, M.Div. graduate.


Daniel Migliore (left), professor of systematic theology, holds the Seminary mace while in conversation with Dr. Torrance outside the Princeton University Chapel. Ph.D. graduates Meda Stamper (left) and Sarah Hinlicky Wilson (right) are all smiles!  
Sara Koenig, Ph.D. graduate M.Div. graduate Anne Stewart  
Graduates Andrew Van Kirk and Abigail Visco M.Div. graduate Scott Simpson  
Ph.D. graduate Gregory Ellison (left) and John Flett Graduates line up outside the Princeton University Chapel.  
A view from inside the Princeton University Chapel. The Class of 2008!  
George Hunsinger (left), professor of systematic theology, and M.Div. graduate Joshua Mickelson. Geddes Hanson (left), professor of congregational ministry, chats with Janice Smith Ammon (center), minister of the chapel, and Carolyn Browning Helsel (right), associate director of admissions.  
M.Div. middler Eddie Martin enjoys a moment with M.A.T.S. student Kwame Nkrumah. Communications/Publications Office student photographers from left: Rebecca Montgomery, Jonathan Kuehn, and Meagan Cracraft.  





Rebecca Montgomery and Meagan Cracraft play for the camera.

Graduates Adam and Sarah Walker Cleaveland pose with their families.

Th.M. gradute Deanna Womack smiles for the camera. Graduating together are Han-luen and David Komline.  
M.Div. graduate Le'Roi Gill beams from ear to ear! Graduate Sarah Watermulder poses with her family, including her father Paul (top left), Class of 1977, her brother David (top right), Class of 2006, and her grandfather David (bottom middle), Class of 1945.  
D.Min. graduate Patricia Kitchen poses with Will Shurley, Seminary Relations event coordinator. M.A. graduates Nant Tin Tin Win (left) and her husband S' Joseph.  
M.Div. graduate Mansour Khajehpour and his family pose outside the Princeton University Chapel. Fellow faculty members James Kay, professor of homiletics and liturgics (left) and Daniel Migliore.  
M.Div. graduate Fernando Rodriguez  Professor of World Christianity Cephas Omenyo and Bruce McCormack, professor of systematic theology.  
Smile for the camera! PTS faculty await processing into the chapel.  
 Bo Karen Lee, assistant professor in Christian education  President Torrance addresses the graduates during the commencement ceremony.  
Graduates Kimberley Copeland and Jessica Doerrer     
M.A.T.S. graduate Chananporn Jaisaodee (right) M.Div. graduate Olivia Stewart poses with John Stewart, professor of ministry and evangelism emeritus.  
M.A. and M.A.T.S. graduates from Myanmar (left to right): Hrang Hlei, S. Than Aung, Nant Tin Tin Win, and S' Joseph. Registrar David H. Wall  
Faculty members Michael Brothers, assistant professor of speech communication in ministry (left), and Wentzel van Huyssteen, professor of theology and science, enjoy a laugh together. M.Div. graduate Julia Lillis  
Kari Turner McClellan, secretary of the board of trustees