Lukata Mjumbe (M.Div., 2013) is the recipient of the William P. Wood Excellence in Ministry Scholarship ($15,000) given by the First Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. He says he is elated and truly thankful to be selected. After he graduates in May, Mjumbe will use the award to finance his Th.M. at the Seminary and says, “My family made significant sacrifices, so that I could attend Princeton Seminary. Pursuing my Th.M. degree would not have been an option for me without significant financial support. Receiving the award assured me that God continues to provide both vision and provision for me as I seek to be obedient to my call.”  

lukataWithin the Th.M. program, Mjumbe’s concentration will be in the Religion and Society Department. “In my year of study, I will focus on developing my interdisciplinary understanding of how religions, faith communities, and, faith leaders have impacted and can impact the local, national, and global ‘public squares,’” he says.  Following completion of the Th.M. program, Mjumbe plans to enter into pastoral ministry. “I believe that I am called to serve within the church as a pastor who advances a ministry of transformation for the mind, body, and spirit,” he says.

The William P. Wood Excellence in Ministry Scholarship was established in 2003 to commemorate Dr. William P. Wood’s twenty years of pastoral service to the First Presbyterian Church. The fund was established to provide seminary students with fellowships and is one of the largest of its type.

Congratulations, Lukata!