• Academic Affairs
    126 Administration Building
    Phone: 609.497.7815
    Email: Academic Affairs
    Elizabeth Angelucci, associate for academic affairs 
    Rose Ellen Dunn, associate dean for academic administration
    Kristie Finley, project coordinator
    Marie Grasso, administrative assistant
    James F. Kay, dean and vice president of academic affairs
    Dawn McDermott, office assistant 
    Shawn Oliver, associate dean for planning and assessment
    Teddy Reeves, research assistant
    Email: Academic Administration
  • Admissions/Financial Aid
    208 Templeton Hall
    Phone: 609.497.7805
    Fax: 609.497.7870
    Email: Admissions
    Sherry Garrahan, recruitment assistant 
    Brian McCollum, director of recruitment
    Ann-Henley Saunders, admissions associate  
    Patricia Korsak, admissions & financial aid assistant 
    Lisa J. Leone, admissions assistant
    Michael D. Livio, associate director of financial aid 
    Matthew R. Spina, director 
  • Advancement
    201 Administration Building
    Phone: 609.497.7756
    Fax: 609.924.0397
    Email: Advancement
    Caryl E. Chambers, director of foundation relations
    Leslie D. Gray, prospect researcher
    Maria Kennedy, administrative assistant for alumni/ae relations
    Sharon Murphy, administrative assistant for advancement
    Jaime  L. Zamparelli, vice president for advancement
    Lorelei L. Zupp, development operations manager
  • Alumni/ae Relations
    106 Administration Building
    Phone: 609.497.7756
    Fax: 609.924.0397
    Email: Alumni/ae Relations
    Maria Kennedy, administrative assistant 
  • Asian American Program
    204 Templeton Hall
    Phone: 609.688.1940 or 1941
    Fax: 609.688.3392
    Email: Asian American Program
    Timothy Son, director
  • Bursar
    16 Administration Building
    Phone: 609.497.7710
    Email: Bursar
    Doris M. Groch, accounting assistant/cashier
    Brenda Williams, bursar
  • Business
    2 Administration Building
    Phone: 609.497.7700
    Fax: 609.497.7709
    Email: Business
    Katherine Bransfield, accounts payable coordinator 
    Susan Brooks, administrative assistant 
    Elise Cheng, senior accountant
    Victor DeMeo, assistant controller
    Kurt Gabbard, associate vice president for finance and administration
    John W. Gilmore, senior vice president, chief operating officer, and treasurer 
    Peter Hogeland, purchasing
    James Morgan, controller
    Nicole Nilsson, staff accountant
  • Chapel
    Scheide Hall
    Phone: 609.497.7890
    Fax: 609.497.7893
    Email: Chapel
    Janice Smith Ammon, Bryant M. Kirkland Minister of the Chapel
    Rachel Barker, bell choir instructor
    Teresa Heyer, chapel office coordinator 
    Nancy Schongalla-Bowman, director of student counseling 
    Martin Tel, C.F. Seabrook Director of Music
  • Communication and External Relations
    Administrative Building
    Phone: 609.497.7803
    Shane Berg, vice president of communication and external relations
    Faith Fish, senior administrative assistant
    Anne Stewart, director of external relations
  • Continuing Education 
    20 Library Place 
    Phone: 609.497.7990 
    Fax: 609.497.0709 
    Email: Continuing Education
    Sushama Austin-Connor, communications coordinator 
    Marybeth Chapman, administrative assistant
    Amy Ehlin, conference coordinator 
    Sharon Huber, operations coordinator 
    Ivette Martell, office assistant 
    Dayle Gillespie Rounds, associate dean for continuing education
    Levente Takacs, front desk assistant
  • Department of Communication
    301 Templeton Hall
    Phone: 609.497.7760
    Fax: 609.430.1860
    Email: Department of Communication
    Joicy Becker-Richards, director of digital storytelling
    Dave Orantes, junior graphic designer
    Eric Rasmussen, media operations coordinator 
    Michelle Roemer Schoen, communications coordinator
    Len Turner Scales, communication associate
    Judson Taylor, director of communication and marketing
    Kimberly Tjoumakaris, associate editor
    Kathleen Whalen, senior graphic designer
  • Duplicating
    Mackay Campus Center
    Phone: 609.497.7713
    Email: Duplicating  
  • Education and Formation for Discipleship
    100 Tennent Hall
    Phone: 609.497.7910
    Fax: 609.279.9014
    Jennifer DiRicco, administrative assistant
    Katherine Douglass, codirector for research 
  • Educational Media
    Ground Level, Templeton Hall
    Phone: 609.497.7900
    Fax: 609.497.7962
    Email: Educational Media
    William Braun, media technician 
    Douglas Gist, media specialist
  • Facilities
    Corporation Yard
    Phone: 609.497.7778
    Fax: 609.430.0282
    Email: Facilities
    Donald Barringer, maintenance services supervisor 
    Franco DiDonato, electrical supervisor 
    Jean Leontus, assistant supervisor 
    German Martinez, director of facilities and construction
    John McAloon III, security operations manager
    Barbara McTague, office coordinator
    Luis Orellana, maintenance coordinator
    James Sadlon, technical services supervisor
    Oscar Soto, custodial supervisor
    Felicia Sparrow, office assistant 
    Domenico Succi, grounds supervisor
    Larry Thomas, assistant custodial supervisor
    Alan Tooley, supervisor of technical services 
  • Faculty Offices
    Judith Attride, faculty secretary, Tennent Hall
    Michael T. Davis, faculty secretary, Lenox House
    Marija S. DiViaio, faculty secretary, Templeton Hall
    Dawn McDermott, faculty office assistant, Tennent Hall
    Denise M. McGough, faculty secretary, Carriage House
    Teresa S. Reed, faculty secretary, Hodge Hall
  • Field Education
    304 Templeton Hall
    Phone: 609.497.7970
    Fax: 609.497.7872
    Email: Field Education
    Robin Braun, office assistant
    Amanda Cenker, office assistant 
    Deborah Davis, director
    Chester Polk, associate director
    Jennie Rodriguez, assistant director
  • Hispanic Theological Initiative
    Adams House
    Phone: 609.252.1721
    Fax: 609.252.1738
    Email: Hispanic Theological Initiative
    Joanne Rodriguez, director
    Angela Schoepf, assistant director
    Grace Vargas, office assistant
  • Housing and Auxiliary Services
    203 Templeton Hall
    Phone: 609.497.7730
    Fax: 609.497.7732
    Email: Housing and Auxiliary Services
    Christina Asterito, office assistant 
    Stephen Cardone, director
    Cherri Green, office assistant
  • Human Resources
    13 Administration Building
    Phone: 609.497.7720
    Fax: 609.497.0017
    Email: Human Resources    
    Sandra J. Maley, director
    Mary Snyder, human resources assistant
    Reena Virdee, human resources assistant
  • Information Technology
    109 Administration Building
    Phone: 609.497.7812
    Fax: 609.497.7867
    Argo D. Arrington, administrative system technical support specialist
    Bill French, chief technology officer
    Suzanne Lu, database administrator
    Wendy Sample, training coordinator 
  • Institute for Youth Ministry
    100 Tennent Hall
    Phone: 609.497.7914
    Email: Institute for Youth Ministry  
    Shari Oosting, assistant
    Chanon Ross, director
    Abigail Rusert, assistant director 
  • Investment Management
    305 Templeton Hall
    Phone: 609.430.2782
    Fax: 609.430.4601
    Brenda G. Lucadano, investment operations manager
    Robert Manchen, vice president for investment management and chief investment officer
    Homayoun Saleh, director of investments
    Barbara Spina, senior administrative assistant
  • Library
    25 Library Place
    Phone: 609.497.7940
    Fax: 609.497.1826
    Susan Britt, research services coordinator
    Julie E. Dawson, library systems administrator
    Virginia Dearborn, web services librarian
    Kaitlyn Dugan, curator of the Barth Collection
    Jenifer Gundry, librarian for applications and assessment
    Margarete (Maggie) Hasegawa, digital library application developer
    Kenneth W. Henke, curator of special collections and archivist
    Nathan Maddox, assistant for the curator of the Barth Collection
    Gregory Murray, head of digital initiatives
    Donna Quick, digital production and quality assurance specialist
    Sarita Ravinder, Christian education and church services librarian
    Jacqueline (Jackie) H. Rider, digital archivist
    Christine Schwartz, metadata librarian and XML database administrator
    Kate Skrebutenas, director of access, research, and outreach
    Betsy Soans, access services coordinator
    Donald M. Vorp, James Lenox Librarian
    Mariann R. Wankoff, digital technology specialist
    Beverley Williams, collection management coordinator
  • Mailroom 
    Mackay Campus Center
    Phone: 609.497.7713  
    Christopher Day, mailroom assistant 
    Roel Parsons, mailroom assistant
  • Multicultural Relations
    204 Templeton Hall
    Phone: 609.688.1943
    Fax: 609.688.3392
    Email: Multicultural Relations
    Victor Aloyo, director
    Cheryl Huston, administrative assistant
    Elizabeth Lorenzo, multicultural relations assistant
  • Ph.D. Studies
    126 Administration Building
    Phone: 609.497.7818
    Email: Ph.D. Studies
    Marie Grasso, administrative assistant
    Rose Ellen Dunn, associate dean for academic administration
  • President
    152 Administration Building
    Phone: 609.497.7800
    Fax: 609.924.0378
    Email: President
    M. Craig Barnes, president
    Ellen Martin, assistant to the president
    Donna Potts, president’s office manager 
  • Reception
    Phone: 609.921.8300
    Fax: 609.924.2973
    129 Administration Building
    Marie Nalbone, receptionist
  • Registrar
    308 Templeton Hall
    Phone: 609.497.7820
    Fax: 609.683.0741
    Email: Registrar
    Christine Deming, assistant registrar
    Emmy L. Rivera-Hendricks, office coordinator 
    David H. Wall, registrar
  • Student Life
    204 Templeton Hall
    Phone: 609.497.7880
    Email: Student Life
    Catherine Ahmad, administrative assistant
    John E. White, dean of student life and vice president for student relations
  • Student Relations and Senior Placement
    204 Templeton Hall
    Phone: 609.497.7882
    Fax: 609.688.1948
    Cathy Cook Davis, associate dean of student life and director of senior placement
    Email: Student Relations and Senior Placement  
  • Telecommunications, Network, and Support Services
    LL-4 Templeton Hall
    Phone: 609.497.7812
    Fax: 609.497.7867
    Email: Help Desk
    Bill French, chief technology officer
    Chady Megeed, computer support specialist
    Scott Saletta, pc programmer 
    Adam Trushkowsky, network systems specialist
    Matt Witkowski, data and reporting specialist